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From struggle to strength: how Roche ignited my life transformation

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Published: 2023.09.08.
This is my story! I’m Ritwik Mahapatra, a Principal Data QA Engineer at Roche Information Solutions, India.

I joined RIS India in August 2019. During a wellness programme, the site Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Head conducted health assessments for all employees. I had always been somewhat overweight but had never paid much attention until the assessment, so I was surprised to find my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol in the danger zone. I realised that I needed to take action, and an expert from the site SHE function emphasized on the same. 

I sought advice from a doctor, who recommended regular exercise, a balanced diet and tracking calories through an app. Within months, I saw remarkable improvements, including weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and increased energy. Amid the pandemic, I adapted my
routine and, after six months of dedication, had shed over 50 pounds.

After my first health assessment in the office, the SHE Head regularly followed up with me on my routine and diet and gave timely advice for better outcomes. On my journey towards achieving physical fitness, I received continuous support from the experts at RIS India. Along with timely guidance, the SHE team gave me resources like a health plan, calorie guidance for common foods, healthy recipes, exercise tips and stress management information. The SHE Head’s support and accessibility made discussing my health concerns comfortable, and I’m thankful for the SHE team’s assistance.

" I am proud to work with Roche, a company that values diversity and inclusion. The
diverse workforce at Roche strengthens the company, and I am confident that my skills and
experience can contribute to its goals."

​​​​​​​Ritwik Mahapatra
Principal Data QA Engineer
RIS India is committed to enhancing employees’ well-being and work-life balance through comprehensive support mechanisms. These encompass flexible work arrangements, paid time off, health and wellness initiatives and dedicated employee assistance programmes. Such provisions empower our employees to harmonize their professional and personal commitments. Our health and wellness programmes, including yoga and meditation, promote holistic well-being, supporting employees in maintaining a harmonious life. I have witnessed how Roche’s unwavering commitment to work-life equilibrium has been instrumental in nurturing both my professional growth and a fulfilling personal life.

I believe it’s imperative for a leader in the healthcare industry to recognise that employee well-being and health are of paramount significance. It is important not only for employees’ personal wellness but also because it directly impacts the overall success and effectiveness of our organization. By fostering a culture of employee well-being, we ensure that our healthcare team remains motivated, resilient and able to provide the highest quality care to our patients. In essence, the health of our employees is not separate from our mission but an integral part of it, contributing to our continued leadership in the healthcare industry.

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