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Achieving success across the globe with a common goal; doing now what patients need next - Meet Samyuktha

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Published: 2023.10.09.
Tell us about your role in Roche.

My name is Samyuktha or Sam for short, I joined Roche in September 2017 and I’m currently the Global Business Process Manager (GBPM) of Internal Control. In my role, I am accountable for the end-to-end process and control design around the areas of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR), Segregation of Duties and Internal Control and I work closely with other Business Process Management (BPM) networks to support the harmonization and standardization of our internal control activities.

What are the things you like the most about working with the BPM team?
The positive work environment in the BPM organization for me starts with having a great team. Our internal culture and people focus has truly allowed for the team spirit to flourish. We have the opportunity to collaborate in diverse, multidisciplinary teams across the globe with the common goal of not just achieving business targets but also focusing on people development. The diversity in location, culture and background provides the opportunity to learn and co-create new solutions in an environment of trust and respect.
Why is your job important to you? What is the value you generate for Roche’s patients?
Our vision in BPM is to increase the efficiency, quality and value to our stakeholders in the ever-changing global environment. In Financial Compliance (FinCom), I also have the added responsibility of ensuring that compliance standards are met. We may not have a direct impact on the patients but by actively driving and supporting the design, deployment and governance activities, we can enable the affiliates and RSS Operations to execute and improve their processes, which in turn improves the value that we offer to our patients.

"Teamwork fueled by positive work values is the compass that guides us toward excellence. It’s the commitment to integrity, respect and shared goals that propel us to bring the best out of each other. Also, seamless collaboration enables us to navigate changes so that we can work toward organizational excellence."

​​​​​​​ Samyuktha Menon
Global Business Process Manager, Internal Controls
Tell us a little bit about your journey at Roche before joining the BPM team.

Over the last five years at Roche, I have had the opportunity to build my career and move on to different roles. I started off as an Internal Controls Specialist, in essentially a team of one, in the early days of the shared services operations in APAC. As our organization started to grow, I also capitalized on the opportunity for personal development and took on the role of Financial Compliance Manager for a small team. In this role, I closely worked with colleagues from the BPM organization. My first role in the BPM FinCom team was that of Regional Engagement and Deployment Lead for APAC. Moving from an RSS Operations role to a BPM role felt like a natural next step because I had the advantage of the stakeholder relationships I had built in my earlier roles and better insight into the execution of the activities I was now responsible for from a governance standpoint.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining the BPM team?

The BPM team has transformed a lot over the years; new services, new structures and new ways of working have been implemented, but we grow and will be on this journey as a team. There is a strong support system with a focus on continuous learning to benefit both professional and personal development. You will have the ability to drive key initiatives in the big projects that are changing our organization’s landscape and to work in an empowered, self-managed environment while interacting with many different stakeholders. The work can be challenging but I believe that’s the main reason it remains interesting and engaging.

Is there anything you would like to share in addition to the previous questions?

I joined the BPM FinCom team at the start of the pandemic, and despite being the only team member in the APAC region at the time and only ever having the ability to meet fewer than a handful of my colleagues, I very quickly felt at ease and never alone. This was mainly because we were encouraged to focus on topics beyond day-to-day work through various squads revolving around continuous improvement, socializing and well-being that has built a lasting sense of connection across our people.

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