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Meet Tatiana

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Published: 2023.05.12.
“Embrace change every day, who you are, where you are, and enjoy your journey”

Hello, my name is Tatiana, let me introduce myself. I am a confident team player and a problem-solver woman with a mindset of setting clear expectations to achieve my goals. I am a married woman with two beautiful and amazing kids, Ximena and David. Being outside and in touch with nature is one of my passions, and I also enjoy running in my free time. 

I have been working for Roche for three years as a
Customer Experience Operational Manager for the Americas (IT Service Desk). I strive to bring Roche’s Operating Principles to life, inspire colleagues, develop our talent and encourage collaboration on breakthrough ideas by supporting new ways of working and creating a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusion. 

Joining this company has been a journey for me, as my previous roles and experiences were related more to the finance area in other shared services. I majored in Business Administration and specialized in Marketing.

"I do believe that leadership is not determined by your workload or job title. Instead, when you do things with heart, empathy, integrity, and passion you can create a bond with people so that they can believe in themselves and their personal growth."

When I started my career as an individual contributor, I needed to make decisions every day and influence others to make things happen. Achieving certain results can only be done with great teamwork and collaboration. It remains crucial for me to connect with my peers and nurture trust in my team and therefore my leadership.

Being a woman leader was difficult at the time; nevertheless, I understood that having a balance between emotional and rational thoughts was critical to cooperate with others, which I am still learning to do every day. There is no science behind leadership, it is more about being human, having empathy, being receptive, and being vulnerable to be able to listen and contribute to other people’s lives.

One of the principles that have helped me during my career is to do things with passion in every environment, make sure to set and follow your goals, and act with humility, integrity, and empathy. I will continue this journey by learning every day from positive moments as well as mistakes.

My passion relies on helping people connect with themselves and follow their dreams.

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