Published: 2022.08.25. ​​​​​​

Meet Theresa about development, collaboration
and diversity

​​​​​​​I’m Theresa from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I joined Roche in May 2021 as a People Relations Advisor supporting APAC countries. Honestly, when I first joined, I was not sure how I can contribute to this agile organization where we are based in Malaysia but support plenty of other countries within the APAC region remotely. I think the game changer that made this way of working possible was definitely Covid-19. Roche invested in technologies to ensure there are sufficient tools and platforms we can use to connect with colleagues around the globe virtually. You can see how the company adapted and made improvements by taking advantage of a non-favorable situation while ensuring that the people are not impacted in a negative way. 
I started my job with Roche by working from home. Being new in this organization where everything was unfamiliar, I was assigned a buddy who helped me navigate through all the information, connected me with other colleagues, provided support in any way possible, and even caught up on me regularly to ensure that I settle in well. This buddy system is something that I treasure a lot – it shows that Roche is an organization that cares for the people. 

A few months into the job, I discovered that there are plenty of opportunities within Roche that everyone can explore apart from performing the job within your own role. You are encouraged to move forward – take advantage of the chances Roche offers to build your own capabilities and competencies both for personal and career growth. The sky is your limit.

There are plenty of values I appreciate after slightly more than a year here: knowledge, training, exposure, people, work-life balance, and recognition. As a rather new employee, it is important for me to be able to fit in. It is a pleasure to see that people are very passionate about inclusion and equal treatment here. Through our collaborations and networking, we leverage each other’s strengths, skills, and competencies across different regions.


Besides diversity and inclusion, another driver of my motivation is the empowerment we get: we all take responsibility and accountability for the work we do. It’s the trust level given to us to get work done with integrity and professionalism. 

We have a flexible home office policy as long as the work gets done within the agreed time, we can manage our time quite freely. Of course, this means we need to have regular check-in sessions with the people we work together to ensure alignment of expectations and with our supervisor for support required. I never feel alone or ignored, I have been recognized numerous times within such a short period for the work I’ve done. 

I am glad to have supportive managers and people around me be it for work or on a personal level. “It’s okay not to be okay, as no one is perfect” is the common line I hear and it gives me a sense of belonging and security. You just need to muster the courage to speak up – when work gets tougher, ask for help and even take a break if that helps for your own wellbeing – physical and mental. 
I am proud to be part of this Roche family that values its people and walks the talk on “Doing now what patients need next”. 

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