Meet Weronika, Solution Architect at Roche

Hi, my name is…

...Weronika and I am from Poland. I studied information technology and finished my Master’s studies at Warsaw University of Technology in 2012. I joined Roche in 2013 as a Software Developer at Roche in Warsaw, one of the main software development centres for Diagnostics IT. One year later, I had the opportunity to join Roche Diagnostics in Switzerland.

I have always been an active person and enjoy travelling and hiking, so I took the opportunity not only to develop my career, but also to be close to the Swiss Alps.

My typical day at work is…

…busy and diverse: full of meetings, documentation, diagrams, emails and learning new things. Currently I work as a Solution Architect for Diagnostics Solution Delivery R&D. This position requires continuous learning about new technologies and innovations. I also prepare documentation and architecture diagrams that help to simplify and visualise complex solutions.

Every day I’m in contact with different groups of IT colleagues, from Enterprise Architects and Project Managers to Solution Architects and Software Developers. I also meet colleagues within the business to better understand their needs. 

The location I am working at is…

…beautifully located near the Swiss mountains and lakes. I like to look through the windows when I commute to Rotkreuz by train to see which Swiss peaks are visible.

In Rotkreuz, Roche Diagnostics employs over 2500 people. From the buildings on the Rotkreuz site you can also appreciate the beauty of the countryside, especially from the 15th floor of the highest building. 

My work helps Roche to…

…improve IT capabilities. I focus on finding the connection between IT and the business. I try to find out how our internal stakeholders are developing software and how we can help them to improve the end-user experience. In a company like Roche, it is challenging to cater for the needs of every user and to keep our solutions as simple as possible. Sometimes I realise that other departments need similar solutions, and by finding the connection, together we can create better value for the business. 

Roche as an employer is…

…one that gives you a lot of opportunities in various aspects of your life. I would have not expected a couple of years ago that I could advance from being a Software Developer in Warsaw to working in Switzerland as a Software Developer, Project Manager and finally as a Solution Architect.

In addition to the career development possibilities, Roche takes work-life balance very seriously.

It is a flexible working environment, which includes annualised working hours and the opportunity to work from home. Roche also offers various sports and leisure clubs and other interesting events. It is exactly the kind of employer I can recommend without any hesitation. 

What is it about Roche that keeps you here instead of going to a traditional IT company?

Never-ending possibilities! I know that at Roche I can grow, learn from more experienced colleagues, participate in training or courses, and travel around the world. In a company like Roche, you can always find the best place to be yourself and gain the experience you need.

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What do you do to help balance your own life and work?

After work, I usually go for a run or attend a fitness class (e.g., aerial yoga, strength and coordination trainings, stretching). The flexible working hours allow you to take a break at lunchtime and go to the gym to refresh your mind.

I also like to hike and explore the beauty of Switzerland at the weekends. Two days in the mountains helps to recharge and start the working week afresh on Monday.

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