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Bioinformatics Scientist at Belmont, CA​​​​​​​ - Meet Yunfei

Published: 2022.05.12.
Why did you decide to join Roche?
I have long admired the reputation of Roche in healthcare industry: it owns the patent of PCR, one the most important technologies in biology; its member, Genentech, is considered top-notch organization for biomedical research. Then I got an internship at Pleasanton in the summer of 2016, I was amazed by how intelligent and collaborative my colleagues were. Towards the end of my internship, I got the opportunity to continue to stay at Roche or become a biostatistician at another company.

I chose to stay because I was inspired by the vision of Roche Sequencing leadership team and firmly believed that sequencing and informatics will redefine the future of medicine. With its open corporate culture, large pool of talents, well-defined strategy, Roche is the best place to seize future opportunities in sequencing.

My work helps Roche to…
I research and develop accurate, and robust analysis methods for sequencing data.

How would you describe the culture and work environment at Roche?
I want to use 3 words to describe the culture at Roche: open, collaborative and dynamic. Then environment is fast-paced with exciting new findings and technologies coming all the time. Fresh ideas and methods are always welcomed. We constantly have prestigious outside speakers presenting interesting results. We track what is going on in research. We do not hesitate to try or develop new algorithms to improve our analysis.

What would you say is the rewarding thing about working at Roche?
Both the leadership team and the colleagues are very open-minded. On one hand, they conduct rigorous studies to make decisions, establish new protocols; on the other hand, they communicate latest progress transparently and welcome any suggestions. More often than not, I can find interesting projects or the right talent for help without contacting external sources. And most importantly, all people I have dealt with are willing to share their expertise and be open to collaborate.

How would you describe career development at Roche?
There are lots of opportunities to get your hands dirty on diverse projects or transition to a different role at a different location within Roche.

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