Meet Yves, RiQEx Intern at Roche


Hi, I’m Yves and I work in the External Quality team here in Basel, where Roche’s roots are.
I just completed my bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Basel and have decided to take a year off and look for an internship before I begin my master’s programme. And now here I am.

The decision to study pharmaceutical sciences at the University in Basel was an easy one for me, as Basel is home to two of the most dynamic pharmaceutical concerns in the world, one of them obviously being Roche.

My goal after the internship is to start the master’s programme here in Basel and maybe one day to return to Roche for my master’s thesis or maybe for my first real job.

I’m part of the Global Supplier Quality group and my position involves working with suppliers, managing supplier specifications and implementing changes to supplier documents.

Compared to my experience at university, science at Roche is more impactful. As a student we get first hands-on experience but we do this in our own small laboratories. At Roche, everything you work on has an impact on the daily life of our patients in some way or form. Even if working in an office and not in the lab, you sense what impact your work actually has for the patients and for Roche.

The Roche Internship in External Quality helps me to develop because I’m fully integrated in the daily workflow and I’m not only an additional piece of the puzzle but also a necessary one.

To people who are interested in the Roche Internship in External Quality I would recommend to seize the opportunity. In one of the most global positions in Roche for an intern you will work with partners all over the world, as Roche has many sites located across the globe.

Being active


Experience the butterfly effect

Our impact

In the process of developing and producing drugs it is important to improve every aspect of the workflow, up to the finished product or medicine. Every step has its clean workflow. We ensure a clean workflow regarding those materials and ensure that the new drug is available for our patients as safely and fast as possible.

The place to Work

As an employee of Roche I have a variety of benefits: my working hours are quite flexible, I have an interesting range of sports I can try out, enjoy free tea in the office once in a while and I am happy for all the new mothers and fathers who don’t have to worry about taking time off to spend with their newborn.

Our workplace

As I work at Viaduktstrasse and not in Building 1 (the highrise) I work exactly in the heart of Basel near the main train station. It is not next to the Rhine but very close to the old town and the city center and reachable from every part of Basel by bike, public transport, car (but why would you want to?) or even by foot.

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