Published: 2022.08.25. 

From the world of fashion to hiring top talent
within Diagnostics 

As a student graduating from one of the most prestigious fashion institutes in London, in the midst of the biggest recession the world had ever seen (2008), I found it particularly difficult to break into the fashion industry.

Coming from Pakistan, it was a dream to be in London which is considered one of the epicenters of the fashion industry. But eventually, due to the economic situation, I had to think about changing my career path.

My switch to the field of recruitment within IT turned out to be one of my best decisions. I fell in love with the concept of connecting people with the employers and jobs they were passionate about while consulting with clients on strategic topics. I discovered the “people person” in me and never looked back. An agency is often thought to be all about sales and numbers but I found amazing mentors who instilled the importance of relationships, purpose, consulting, and genuinely caring.
Fast forward eight years, I found myself at an interview for a Talent Acquisition Partner role at Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, with a manager and a company that believed in the same and more! 


The purpose of Roche is very close to my heart. Our diagnostic and pharmaceutical products can improve the life quality of our patients and I see this impact first-hand in my family.

I come from a family of doctors and my incredibly strong, super independent mother, who is also a pediatrician, is a hemophiliac. Currently living in Pakistan she runs the only NGO in Pakistan for hemophiliacs.
For her and other patients registered at the NGO, Roche products are a crucial part of their treatment and overall survival. The fact that Roche recently renewed their collaboration with the World Federation of Hemophilia to provide solutions to people with hemophilia A in locations such as Pakistan was great news!

Besides our impact on the patient, I need to highlight diversity and inclusion at Roche. Unfortunately, I have experienced a lack of it in various stages of my life. It is refreshing to see that at Roche we live our values and the immense passion for inclusion is very exciting and inspiring to me.

As a Talent Acquisition Partner, it is not only important that we actively educate ourselves and the business on the importance of topics like unconscious bias but also actively incorporate ways to remove it. Similarly, various platforms/ avenues/ processes are continuously improved to ensure that we are bringing in exceptional talent that shares passion for what we do, irrespective of all other factors. Diverse candidates who bring in new perspectives, great yet humble attitudes, and most importantly bring passion for what they do, are the reason why the culture within the organization is so incredibly unique. I really enjoy that we maintain a culture of empowerment and I am in charge of my projects end-to-end but at the same time, I can count on my team if I need help.

Many candidates asked me over the past 3 years why I work at Roche. It is not because it is a global organization that is world-renowned within the healthcare industry, it is because of the incredibly inclusive environment that not only embraces the differences but empowers individuals to fully unleash and nurture their talents. Personally, as a working mother to two little girls, this culture allows me to do what I love, and develop and grow my skills/knowledge while giving me the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

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