One small step for Roche, one giant leap for me

Published: 2022.04.24. (last edited: 2022.08.18.)​​​​​​
My name is Susanne, I am a pharmacist in my practical year and recently started my career at Roche. During my time at Roche, I was able to develop myself further: Both on a subject-specific and a personal level, this internship was the perfect start of my career in pharmaceutical science.

I guess others would describe me as a helpful, fun-loving and ambitious person. I enjoy outdoor sports like skiing and bouldering – the more people involved the better. From growing up in a small town near Nuremberg, my path already led me to Switzerland for my studies – tough first to the Franconian Switzerland, to be precise. After my pharmacy studies in Erlangen, I wanted to see more of the world than only Bavaria and I finally made it to Basel, the “real” Switzerland where I joined Roche for a 6-month internship in the Drug Delivery and Preformulation Sciences (DDPS) Section. 

I felt like a real team member right from the beginning and was directly introduced to my project. My two advisors were waiting for me, well prepared, with a very exciting and innovative topic concerning the measurement and prediction of solubilities and the comparison of different prediction tools. Not only for me a fascinating topic, but also a question that my department is very interested in. From my first day on, I was given full trust and a high responsibility over my project. I was challenged but I never felt alone at all - not even during these current circumstances due to COVID-19. I am thankful for the experiences I could gain, and I hope that this is just the beginning of my career at Roche.

Stay positive, work hard, make it happen

Our impact

Just as important as finding new promising compounds is the question of how these substances then reach their target in the human body. Most people initially associate this with finding the right way of administration. But the key is also to develop the best formulation for this candidate in the intended way of administration. Already in the preclinical phase, formulation is important to ensure sufficient exposure in animal studies. In DDPS, we aim to transform molecules into medicine by determining physicochemical characteristics of new molecules and developing suitable formulations. Thereby we already set the ground for later formulation development in clinical phases and the market. Our work affects the entire life cycle of a compound.

The place to Work

My internship at Roche was a great possibility for me to develop myself and get to know my strengths. I was challenged with different tasks every day and entrusted with many responsibilities. Especially if you are working in the lab, it is important to stay positive and not to give up. I learned to deal with failed experiments without letting them take away my motivation and I am thankful for the support of my team and my managers. Throughout my time at Roche, I was able to get to know myself better and to improve my skills. I had the chance to work with people who are passionate about their job and this energy is what I really appreciate about this company.

Our workplace

The Roche site is truly impressive, especially for me coming straight from university. My first day started with a coffee on the Roche tower and an incredible view over Basel – I will never forget this moment. I was fortunate to be able to work at the site, even during these times. It was simply overwhelming to walk between these huge buildings, knowing that all these many people in them have a common goal and belong to one big community united by Roche.

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