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Never avoid failure. Be more courageous!

Daniel Bretschneider, Market Research Manager at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach

In your opinion, what are the three most important characteristics that a Market Research Manager should have?

A Market Research Manager must bring along analytical skills. It is about understanding the details and thereby not losing the view for the whole. In addition, this position requires flexibility. Short-term enquiries must be quickly implemented. A great amount of enthusiasm is indispensable. In this position one comes into contact with numerous products and one repeatedly asks oneself: How will the markets develop?

How does one become a Market Research Manager?

I studied economic science and came to the pharmaceutical industry by chance. I had specialized in market research and had also written my bachelor thesis in this area. Through a trainee position, I then came to a pharmaceutical company. Within this sector, there are many decision-makers: Physicians assess and prescribe a product, patients take it, and health insurance providers take over the costs. All these players must be taken into account. It is an industry  where something is moving all the time. It never becomes boring.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

There are different phases: Sometimes I browse through Excel tables and work on the analysis. In some time periods I go to the field service. This is usually the case in October, November, March and April. This is when our marketing materials are tested. I then classically sit behind a one-side window and can watch how physicians are surveyed. And then there are co-creations with physicians that we look after as Market Research Managers. My everyday working life is very diversified.

What are the greatest challenges that a Market Research Manager faces?

Quite clearly - the new markets. There are fields, such as in oncology, where Roche has been active for a long time. And then there are new markets. One first needs to become familiar with these. At the beginning, there are many open questions. A further challenge is the precision with which we work. We present data. Our figures must be absolutely water-tight. And you can only do this if you work with high precision.

What characterizes Roche as an employer?

Definitely the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of progress. One is continuously involved with new products. Roche also offers a high degree of flexibility with working hours and working possibilities. There is so much transparency in the company. Everyone knows what is currently being worked on.

What advice can you give people who are interested in engaging in market research?

Get a feel for it as early as possible! I had already been able to implement a market research project at university. I am convinced it is about trying yourself out. My advice is: Never avoid failure. Be more courageous!

When are you satisfied with your work?

It makes me happy when the result of an analysis is directly implemented. For example, on the basis of our analysis materials for the field service were changed and newly prepared. With these, physicians were reached more easily and they reported they would reconsider their therapy behaviour. This is a great incentive. Then we as Market Research Managers have asked the right questions in advance.

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