Putting people first

Roche is an extremely attractive employer that has given me many career opportunities. The company puts people first and there are always interesting things to do here. I am able to contribute to the well-being of society through my work. And what is really great is that, despite being in a managerial position, I still have control over my work-life balance myself.

My name is David. I began my career with an apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician. After gaining some professional experience, I then completed a chemistry degree specialising in biochemistry, before joining Roche Basel in biotech production, where I worked as a production engineer, Team Leader for the Small-Scale Pilot Plant and Head of QC. For almost two years, I have been Head of Quality Systems and Validation in Kaiseraugst, where I am responsible for a team of about 45 quality experts. My working day involves many conversations with employees for the purpose of supporting their work.

Roche puts people first and there are always interesting things to do here.

Our impact

My work at Roche supports the manufacturing of high-quality medicinal products. My team provides various quality systems, which are used by the operational areas such as production, storage and the QC laboratories for documenting quality events. This enables Roche to meet the official quality requirements placed on our products at all times.

The place to Work
Roche offers so much: a really fantastic working environment in which the respectful treatment of employees takes centre stage; social security and other benefits on a level that hardly any other company can offer; commitment to its employees, even in difficult times like the coronavirus pandemic; career opportunities that I could never have dreamed of when I first joined. And last but not least, the fact that I am able to work part-time (90%) despite being in a managerial position is also unusual.

Our workplace

I work in Kaiseraugst, in an activity-based working (ABW) environment. The ABW concept enables me to communicate and collaborate with my colleagues much more than I could in a traditional office setting. My commute takes around 35 minutes, but since I am part-time (90%), my hours are flexible and I occasionally work from home, I am still able to spend a lot of time with my family.

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