Rewarding and recognising employees

Remuneration plays a key role in retaining, motivating and attracting employees. Successful employees should be recognized for their contribution to the business to reinforce a culture of performance and innovation.

Our Group remuneration policy focuses on encouraging strong performance, profit-sharing, fairness and transparency in pay decisions, and ensuring a balance between basic and performance-related pay. We offer competitive pay and benefits in every country where we operate.

For details on the remuneration of members of the Board of Directors and the Corporate Executive Committee, please refer to the Corporate Governance section in our latest Annual Report.

Staying competitive

We regularly benchmark our compensation packages to confirm their competitiveness around the world. The remuneration packages our local affiliates offer align with our Group remuneration policy. They include:

  • Roche Connect. Allows employees in most countries to purchase Roche’s non-voting equity securities at up to a 20% discount. Participating employees can invest up to 10% of their basic salary in the plan.
  • Roche Long-Term Plan. Awards managers non-voting equity securities based on their performance in line with our corporate goals.
  • Defined-contribution pension plans. Pays out according to contributions and subsequent investments.

We reward performance through a transparent and consistent process that encourages fairness, continuous feedback, dialogue and development.