Rewards: We got you covered

We encourage strong performance, and we recognise our employees for their contribution to our success. We offer competitive pay and benefits in every country in which we operate, and reward performance through our annual performance management process, which uses a "management-by-objectives" approach. Transparent goal setting, feedback and check-ins throughout the year help you track your progress.  Personalized development plans support you in your continual growth and development.

Base Salary

The fixed compensation received for the work performed; it reflects the value of the role, taking into account skills, relevant experience and sustained performance. It is regularly reviewed in the local labour markets based on industry benchmarks, job types and profiles, as well as areas and levels of expertise.

Annual Bonus

Granted once a year depending, and based on, company performance and individual performance. It is designed to reward achievements performed in the prior year, creation of new business opportunities, breakthrough results, and cost-effective support of Roche's financial and strategic objectives.


We strive to provide local benefits that support employee health and wellbeing, provide for protection of life events, help employees plan and save for retirement, support diverse needs, and provide flexibility and choice where appropriate.


Our global “Applause” program supports the recognition and appreciation of our employees for living our values and operating principles, and can include financial points you can convert to vouchers, gifts or experiences.

Roche Long-Term

Our global equity-based  programme that rewards eligible colleagues who help realise our long-term goals of growth, value and innovation.

Roche Connect

A worldwide plan that gives Roche employees in over 40 countries an opportunity to invest in the future and share financially in the success of Roche by purchasing Roche Genussscheine (non-voting equity securities) at an attractive discount.

Other Rewards

Our non-financial rewards tailored to each country typically include holiday/vacation leave, parental leave, additional holidays, service anniversary recognition, as well as services, facilities, events offered by local Roche offices.

Lifelong Learning

We are all authors of our career and development. Roche fully enables self-development by offering free trainings, coaching, tools and resources far beyond what your daily job requires. From support to help you explore your career journey to personalised individual development, including leadership development, we provide a full menu of personalized individual learning options. 
You will learn more about the rewards package available at your respective location from your Talent Acquisition Partner during the application process.