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At Roche, more than 100'000 employees worldwide are working towards one goal: to solve some of the greatest challenges for humanity using science and technology. Every day, our work impacts the lives of millions of patients all around the world. Technology is driving that innovation
The road to a future of patient-centered care

Healthcare is transforming fast towards more patient-centric, data-driven and value-based healthcare. Our newly formed Roche Information Solutions (RIS) business area is focused on providing integrated digital solutions and data capabilities for diagnostics labs, clinics, and patients.

Insights generated by RIS help deliver medical value on Roche’s integrated testing portfolio, enable confident healthcare decisions, and improve care along the patient journey - supporting affordable, high quality, accessible care for patients around the globe.

With our apps we

  • empower patients to remain adherent to treatment and engaged in care
  • unlock the potential of real-time remote patient monitoring
  • deliver results up to 10 times faster to the patient
  • provide real time data about test results

About the team

We are a truly multicultural and multinational team in locations around the globe. Possible sites for you to join us include: Santa Clara (California, USA), Barcelona (Spain), Pune (India), or remotely under certain circumstances.
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I wake up every morning excited for the problems I am dealing with and committed to bringing solid solutions I can be proud of, because the work that we do is so important. Manoli Yiannakakis Distinguished Software Engineer
I think one of the best things about Roche is the people, I feel like everybody here is an example for me, for their energy, dedication and sympathy. Mariona Guerrero Lopez Requirements Engineer
What I love about my job is that we can help to improve the quality of life of patients for example with solutions like remote assistance, data empowered solutions for personalized care & of course with digital we can help to make healthcare more accessible. Joan Pinol Fustero Manager Software Engineering Cloud