Roche offers a workplace for the future

My name is Kai. I'm an industrial mechanic and have been working at the Roche production centre in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, for ten years.

I've been able to develop continuously over time, so I've worked my way up from line worker to line mechanic and on to shift supervisor. What's more, Roche has enabled me to complete a second, on-the-job training course to become a "skilled industrial worker" (IHK). My current job as shift supervisor in commercial packaging involves coordinating small-quantity packaging and the related work preparation tasks.


A proud Roche employee.

slide 10 of 10 The Perspectives Programme is an excellent way of getting to know Roche and gain insights on how we are evolving personalised healthcare for the benefit of patients. It’s also a great way to focus on your strengths and the opportunities that lie ahead. ​​​​​​​ Severin Schwan, CEO Roche

Our impact

My work at Roche is helping to ensure that patients receive their medicines in time and to the required quality standards. With our ambition of continually simplifying processes and optimising procedures, we are helping to shorten throughput times. This ensures that medicines are available whenever needed.

The place to Work

In addition to numerous social benefits, Roche also provides an opportunity to work in an innovative company. Even after many years and various training programmes, there are still plenty of new and exciting things to learn. With its numerous fitness and health offerings, Roche invests in its employees' work-life balance.

Our culture

The wide range of experiences, views and perspectives that can be found across the whole workforce gives rise to stimulating exchanges that enrich the working environment and shape the corporate culture. We can all learn a lot from each other. Every single employee benefits – and so, ultimately, do our patients. In that way, everyone contributes to the whole and thereby helps to sustainably underpin the company's success.
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