The best results can only be achieved together
​​​​​​​- ​​​​​​​it is as simple as that

Senior leadership was not my goal, but as my career evolved, I learned that I could make a greater impact for patients by focusing on the collective strength of individuals. That’s what I love about Roche. There are opportunities to evolve and grow as you discover your own career passions.

I am Silke, a trained pharmacist and head of the Technical Development Department for Biologics in Europe. When I joined Roche as a scientist 15 years ago, I just wanted to be part of the collective effort to develop new medicines for patients. Over the years, I have had the chance to learn and grow in different roles - from a lab head to a global project leader, from being part of research to supporting commercial manufacturing sites. Along this journey I found a passion for fostering a culture of respect, where people work together as equals and are empowered to contribute by bringing their own strengths, while receiving support to grow new ones. I truly believe that in such a culture together we can achieve everything for the patient.

The best results can only be achieved together


None of us is as smart as all of us.

Ken Blanchard

Our impact

In Global Technical Development our mission is to efficiently transform scientific ideas into medicines that are ready for patients. We develop robust manufacturing processes and quality control systems in order to deliver game-changing therapies for our patients with ever-increasing speed and reliability. Whether we are developing an injectable device for use at home or a vial of a novel treatment for infusion in a hospital, we feel a direct connection to our patients because the output of our work touches them directly.

The place to Work

If you work at Roche, there is a good chance that the career you end up with will not be the same as the one you started with. That’s what makes Roche so unique. As long as you have an honest commitment to solving complex health challenges, and have the courage to take smart risks, there are countless opportunities to discover and follow your passions. For me, it started with being empowered to show my full potential for developing new molecules; then having the courage to take on stretch roles; and now, as a senior leader, living my passion for developing Roche’s next generation of scientists. 

Our culture

In my group, we are driving toward a culture that can be described by three words: sensing, caring and owning. 
Sensing – we are aware of what patients need from us and can pick up on trends in the industry.
Caring – we treat each other as equals, knowing that our collective strength comes from individual perspectives.
Owning – we take joy in being a network community where smart people apply their greatest strengths to deliver sustainable solutions for patients and society.