The reasons I enjoy working at Roche

What is special about working at Roche? For me, it is not only having the possibility of managing a good work-life balance or enjoying my team’s support - there are many more reasons, why I appreciate being part of Roche.

I am Michelle, 19 years old and from Neuheim. In 2016 I started my apprenticeship at Roche in the business field, where I had the opportunity to get precious insights into various departments: I started in the department Import and Customs Clearing, then I moved to Roche Diagnostics International Services and finally joined the Human Resources Operations team. This rotation allowed me to get an overview about Roche as a whole organization, as well as to discover my interests and strengths. When thinking about my apprenticeship, I also remember having had so much fun with my colleagues and classmates. They supported me along my way and together we made unforgettable experiences and memories. So, besides my professional development at Roche, I had the possibility to personally grow and build my own network here. 

After my apprentice graduation in summer 2019 I was very happy to be given the opportunity to stay at Roche in Rotkreuz. Today I am part of the indirect procurement team, working as a buyer. I enjoy my work, because I have varied tasks, an awesome team and great working conditions.

Varied tasks, an awesome team and great working conditions


An open-minded company culture, various opportunities for personnel development and great support from my team, is what characterizes my apprenticeship here at Roche.


Our impact

My department is responsible to buy basically everything for our core business; this means we ensure that our employees are equipped with everything they need to work efficiently. By providing the best products or services to our internal workforce, we guarantee that they can work on solutions for our patients. Even though I am not directly in touch with our patients or external customers, I still contribute to our purpose.

The place to Work

At Roche I enjoy many benefits. The one, I probably appreciate the most are our flexible working times. This includes not only being flexible when coming and leaving our office, but it also includes the location. Being flexible about the when and where to work, allows me to manage my work most efficiently. I am a passionate kickboxer and family-person and therefore work-life balance is very important to me. Thanks to our flexible working model, this is possible for me. 
I also really appreciate being supported in personnel development. During my time at Roche I was given the opportunity to contribute in designing my apprenticeship / career. This allowed me to pursue my interests and strengths. 

For me, Roche is THE place to work, as I feel valued, supported and motivated for what I am doing.

Our culture

During my apprenticeship, I always appreciated, how warmly I was directly welcomed and integrated into new teams. The knowledge, that I can always count on my co-workers made many things much easier. Roche’s company culture is characterized by open-mindedness, motivation and trust. I never felt intimidated asking all my questions, even though the other person would be from a different department, country or continent. At first sight Roche might seem like a large, anonymous company; however, I got the chance to discover and appreciate our familiar working atmosphere.

Our workplace

At Rotkreuz we are around 3000 employees. Even though this might sound like a large number, it feels familiar working here. Our campus is open, which means people can freely come, without passing any barriers. However, I feel 100% secure here and values such as responsibility and exchange are promoted.


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