The Roche Postdoctoral Fellowship (RPF) Programme


Our Ambition

The Roche Postdoctoral Fellowship programme was established within Roche to build and maintain the Scientific Leadership of the future. The programme provides leading internal scientists with the opportunity to collaborate with talented postdoctoral researchers, and leading academic research groups, from around the world.
More specifically, the RPF Programme aims to:
  • Foster creative science as a basis for innovation.
  • Seek and develop new scientific knowledge; exploiting emerging science, technologies and methods.
  • Collaborate and partner with leading academic research groups, for a defined period of time, on a specific RPF R&D project of strategic value.
  • Develop scientific talents with a Roche Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2 to 4 years. RPFs are mentored by both an excellent internal scientist, at Roche, and a world class  Academic researcher .

One of the key aims is to advance basic science and technologies that will be published in top-rated, peer-reviewed scientific journals, if necessary preceded by priority patent applications.

Current Roche Postdoctoral Fellows

Currently we have approximately 80 ongoing RPF collaborations covering an exciting range of innovative, intellectually stimulating, research programmes which encompass and focus on cutting-edge scientific endeavors on a world-wide stage.
To learn more about  the diversity of our research areas, please consult Roche pRED/Excellence in Science.

Roche Postdoctoral Fellowship Symposia

Once a year we host a unique event where we invite the Roche Postdoctoral Fellows to one of our global pRED research sites: Basel, Zurich, Munich, Copenhagen, London, New York and Shanghai. The symposium is a major success where vibrant scientific debate, both through poster sessions and oral presentations, between Roche Postdoctoral Fellows, Roche employees and academic mentors, allows a plethora of new ideas to be generated.

The application process

Unique aspects of research applications to the Roche Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme are that they can be submitted by any Roche scientist and get approved from within the pRED organization through a demanding scientific research proposal review process. One of the key requirements for fellowships is that the Roche mentor can identify a leading academic collaboration partner and extremely talented postdoctoral researcher.​​​​​​​
If you have the skills, passion, and commitment to innovate healthcare through our Roche Postdoc Fellowship Programme explore the currenlty open position in the Career portal.
How to look for RPF Job Ads: Add "postdoc" in the search field, and select "Research & Development" as Function, and "Entry Level" as the job level.
Please check that the RPF Programme is mentioned in the job description, to be sure that the Postdoc position is within the Fellowship.
If you want to know how the RPF programme is impacting individuals and offering outstanding researchers the opportunity to collaborate with scientific and medical impact, read the collection of impressions from some of the RPF participants.