Virtual job interview - tips and tricks

Virtual fairs or job interviews via video chat are part of today's working world. In times of digitalisation and internationalisation they are no longer a rarity. We have put together some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your interview.

1. Check technology

Before the interview can start, it is important to check the circumstances. Therefore, test the link you received for the interview beforehand. For most programs you can login in advance for a trial period however, be aware that you may need to download or install a specific tool first. A good tip: If necessary, find out whether you can dial in by phone or install the tool on another device (mobile phone, tablet) so that you can dial in again in case of technical problems. Also advisable: Test the picture and sound quality before your call. 

You should test all these things a few days before the actual interview so that you can consult the recruiter again in case of any problems. 

2. Consider the setting

When the actual interview takes place, pay particular attention to the surroundings that the recruiter will see  in your camera. What part of the room will the recruiter see? What background should you choose? The best option is to choose a bright room with a white wall where you can be easily recognized. Dead flowers or a big pile of laundry in the background will not make a good impression. 

3. Clothes bring out who you are

Remember, this is still a face-to-face business conversation. Dress exactly the way you would dress for a face to face business meeting. This will help you to imagine yourself in this situation better  and will also look more authentic in front of the camera. An important tip: Look straight into the camera and avoid excessive gestures. Another tip on how to prepare well for the interview is by having a pen, notepad and your resume ready. 

4. We are there for you

Do not be afraid to contact us again to clarify any questions that may arise. It is important to us that the virtual interview is as professional as an on-site interview. Therefore we are very grateful for any feedback. 

Otherwise, all the rules and tips from the classic face-to-face interview also apply to a virtual job interview: Smile and stay positive, prepare well and present your best side.