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RDC Spain is located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, close to the exciting and innovative city of Barcelona which is in the top 10 startup and innovation hubs in Europe in 2019 according to the Mobile World Capital report. RDC Spain covers diverse local and global Diabetes Care functions. RDC Spain is both home to our Digital Hub where we drive innovative solutions, and to our IT Hub providing services to users from Roche Diabetes Care worldwide. In addition, our Regional Customer Service, Commercial Affiliate and Global Functions are located in Sant Cugat.
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Global IT Hub

Core Areas

Research & Development
Software development & maintenance
Platform Management
Medical Affairs
Digital Security & Privacy
Clinical Operations
Big Data and Analytics
Regulatory Affairs
Healthcare transformation & personalize care
Corporate Groups
Product & digital solution support
Software development & maintenance
We help strengthen care processes for patients with diabetes care by developing and maintaining digital solutions and services that quickly turn data into meaningful insights and help facilitate stronger collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients for more timely treatment decisions.
We manage the vision, strategy and clear understanding of the product priorities based on business and user needs with the focus on its implementation in the realization and delivery stages. From gathering the needs, scope definitions, product design, functional and technical analysis, latest technology and scalable architectures, we aim to provide the best possible solution for our customers.
Platform Management
Management of cloud-based platform that enable the Roche Diabetes Care digital ecosystem to support business needs and processes.
This is composed of infrastructure, solutions and services for collection of data, storage, DevOps, etc, in compliance with applicable data protection and security standards as well as backup, recovery and availability.
This service includes environment setup, configuration and its maintenance, processes and tools for continuous integration and deployments among others.
Digital Security & Privacy
We create guidelines, policies and processes to improve the overall security and privacy posture of the digital solutions and cloud platforms of RDC. We work very closely with relevant stakeholders, defining security and privacy requirements, performing risk assessments and defining mitigation controls.
We liaise with local/global legal counsels and Roche relevant teams to ensure end-to-end compliance with respect to health, privacy and security related regulations.
Moreover, our IT Team is responsible for insuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Roche’s information and computing assets through a comprehensive program that identifies and mitigates information security risks, privacy risks and related threats.
Big Data and Analytics
We own data and analytics strategy roadmap, which provide actionable insights and informed decisions for Roche digital solutions portfolio stakeholders and users. We develop new algorithms from the patient’s clinical data to improve our own solutions and create new services based on data with the final aim of enhancing the management of diabetes.
Moreover, we provide relevant, timely and accurate information (what and how) through our high quality and efficient analytics service that helps to create value based decisions throughout our business.
Healthcare transformation & personalized care
​​​​​​​We help our customers on their processes reengineering, helping them to redefine and adapt processes and roles to achieve better results. We develop products, solutions and services designed to meet the individual needs of healthcare professionals and patients with diabetes. 
Product & digital solution support
We work towards our Diabetes Care Vision and contribute to our commercial success by supporting our customers and partners, promoting and selling products, digital solutions and services as well as enabling behavioral change. We do so by acting in a customer-centric, future-oriented manner and with business sense when developing current and new services. We provide services to patients and health professionals in the whole of Europe.

Benefits & Perks

We understand that there is no single formula for attaining a balanced life. It is personal decision how one combines career, family, friends and self into an integrated whole. That’s why we provide many additional perks to help you maintain a good balance between work and personal life.
Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours
Full-service Cafeteria
Subsidized canteen
Onsite Health Clinic
Pension plan
Electric Car Charging Station
Christmas basket
Emplozee Socials
Flexible salary system
Financial Assistance Programs
Roche Connect (Stocks option program)
Exercise Classes
Health insurance
International Assignments
Illness & accident insurance
Lactation Rooms
Health services
Lunch & Learn Programs
Subsidies and awards (school subsidy, celiac children, disabled children, disabled employees)
Lunch & Learn Programs
Maternity leave complement