With Data Science Skills to Success

Roche is dedicated to improving people’s lives, including during the current coronavirus crisis. Roche Molecular Diagnostics (RMD) teams have been working on the development of tests related to COVID-19. Since the tests have been on the market, a huge amount of data has been generated from various laboratories.


I am Hermann, Head of RMD Assay Development at the Rotkreuz site. I am a full-blooded scientist. However, I soon realised that science can only reach its full potential in combination with data. Developing the tests is only the first step; identifying and dealing with problems is just as important and a high priority for us. If, for instance, a device produces a false result or a conspicuously large number of invalid results occur, it is essential that we determine the cause.

The data generated allows us to draw valuable conclusions and enhance the further development of the current test and new product designs. For example, how sensitive must a test be to detect the disease? Would it be possible to pool specimens prior to testing to save time and resources?

My curiosity to learn about data science has not diminished. In the last ten years, I have participated in various online courses and taught myself programming.

Combining science and data


The great impact we can have by combining biochemistry and data science motivated me to expand my knowledge and learn programming.

Our impact

Analysing the data generated by our tests allows us to hone our products in order to deliver the best solutions to our patients. Our RMD Team in Rotkreuz is always busy preparing and interpreting the highly encrypted data. To solve these complex challenges, they rely on their broad data science skills and an in-depth understanding of the products. Only by knowing how a test or product works can conclusions be drawn from the data and further improvements be identified and driven. The combination of data science and biochemistry makes the difference.

The place to Work

The acquisition of data science skills is complex, similar to learning a language. But it is worthwhile to keep active over the years. The Digital Academy, a Roche internal training platform, supported me along my way and its unique offerings enabled me to take an individual learning path. During my career, I have always had the chance to pursue my passion and was encouraged to build on my interests and strengths. Thanks to these opportunities, I was able to develop valuable skills to enhance our testing solutions and provide the best products to our patients.

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