Women inspiring women at Roche

At the regular "Lunch & Learns" at Roche Diagnostics Rotkreuz, Switzerland it's all about learning and getting inspired from colleagues. 


With "Inspirational Women" Ann, Carla and Silke - shared their experiences at Roche. They talked about their career as a female leader, inspiration from the team and the daily drivers at work. The three dedicated female leaders who have been working at Roche for ten, fifteen and almost twenty years would not change a thing in their life and especially their career. For them, life is about being curious, keep learning and be open to opportunities - an attitude they embody themselves and they have always found at Roche.


I'm getting most of the energy from work that I love and from the people around me


Our impact

The impact of your work on patients' life as a daily driver

Seeing the purpose of their work at Roche Diagnostics is one of the key motivators. Having an impact on patients’ life through the job is a real driver for their daily challenges as a leader. As Ann stated: "Diagnostics is so important in patients' life. Understanding this significance gives oneself so much energy and motivation!"

The place to Work

Energy & inspiration from the team

Instead of having one role model, the three leaders are mostly inspired by the people and the teams around them. For the daily challenges at work, they are convinced to receive most of the positive energy from the work you love and in the exchange with peers and employees at Roche. Therefore the support of the environment has always been key to them and their career.

Our culture

Being a team member - not a female team member

Silke took the challenge of often being the only woman in the team and also the youngest as something positive. Inclusion and diversity is not just a nice statement at Roche, but is lived day in and out. At Roche everyone contributes as an equal team member. Therefore all three agreed, that a woman should not make “being a woman” a topic to herself.