Your Wellbeing Matters

At Roche, health is part of our DNA. Your health and wellbeing are our priority. To support you in becoming the best version of yourself at work or at home, our constantly evolving well-being programmes are designed to help you find balance, safety, peace of mind, confidence, self-fulfillment and fun.

Our wellbeing framework

We count on your energy and passion so that we as a company can make a difference in the lives of patients. We support a safe environment and work practices that foster individual and team wellbeing. We guide leaders in how to remove barriers to team wellbeing; offer tools, resources or sessions on healthy and successful collaboration, cultivating connections and gratitude, conducting healthy meetings, boosting team effectiveness and mindfulness. We help you understand how you can increase and sustain psychological safety at work, and offer a learning path through which you can learn simple tools or take a team challenge to boost your resilience.

Balancing work and life

While flexible working arrangements vary from country to country due to individual job requirements, local market practices, the cultural and legal environment, we aim to offer you maximum flexibility. Therefore, wherever possible, we meet our employees' requests for special working conditions by offering part-time, flexi-time, flexi-retirement, job-sharing, working from home, sabbaticals, parental leave for men and women, childcare facilities, and other provisions that help our colleagues combine their career and family roles.

Caring for your health

As a company actively shaping the present and future of healthcare, we have a passion for fostering a health and wellbeing culture at work. Based on your location, you can have access to medical services (check-ups and screenings), on-site medical attention, a working environment built on ergonomic evaluations, fitness facilities, and international emergency services for our employees when traveling on business.

Mental health is top of mind

At Roche, we take mental health seriously and strive to create a culture where everyone can thrive, feel supported and psychologically safe. Every employee has access to a local Employee Assistance or Counseling Program, including counseling for psychological stress at work as well as in private life. We’ve created a network of dedicated Mental Health Champions and Mental Health First Aiders to help reduce stigma surrounding mental health conditions and create a safe space for employees. In addition, we have a Global Wellbeing Community that supports us in caring for ourselves and each other as much as we care for our patients.

Total Body Wellbeing

In each country we operate in, we create and support safe and inspirational spaces where you can have fun, challenge yourself and share your passion, with many of our initiatives driven by our own colleagues. When you work with us, you can take advantage of wellness resources tailored to your needs and stage of life, including meditation and mindfulness resources, sleep tools, resilience training, coaching and counseling sessions as well as fitness offers.

Our global event: Live Well Week

Two wellbeing weeks are held at all our office sites each year to promote healthy lifestyles, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, offering specialized events, nutrition and mindfulness talks, resources and knowledge to our colleagues.
Our continuously evolving programmes vary from country to country, site to site. For information about our current offers related to health and well-being available at your respective location, reach out to your Talent Acquisition Partner during your application process.