6 questions to Magdalena and Rejna

Rejna Sadik (24) is studying logistics at Ludwigshafen University. She is currently an intern in Global Supply Chain Management at Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim. Magdalena Kretek (24) is studying International Management at Worms University and is completing a five-month internship at Roche.

What does the term Global Supply Chain Management mean and what are your tasks?

Rejna: Specifically, we are responsible for International Order Management. I mainly deal with order processing in the EMEA countries (Europe, Middle East, Africa). This means that I take care of logistical problems from the various countries, such as timely and punctual deliveries.
Magdalena: Our teams consist of different groups that deal with different continents or country groups. For example, my team is responsible for order management for countries within Europe (North & West) and Africa. For this purpose, I have weekly forwarding charges or lists of charges to the forwarding department, which in turn is responsible for the organisation of the transport.

You have chosen Roche - why?

Rejna: Since I'm studying logistics, I also wanted to do my practical semester in logistics and put my theoretical knowledge into practice. My goal was to gain a versatile insight into the supply chain of a large corporation with the help of the internship. Before my logistics studies, I studied biotechnology for one semester and am therefore very interested in biotechnical topics. This is also one of the reasons why I chose Roche.
Magdalena: Before my studies, I did an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at a medium-sized pharmaceutical manufacturer and had already gained good insights into the supply chain and order processing. I was already very interested in these two areas at the time and Roche is also a very well-known company in our region.

What impressed you the most in your early days at Roche?

Rejna: Before my internship, I did a project report in supply chain management for a global technology company as part of my studies. This gives me a good comparison of the way Roche works. I was very impressed by the advanced automation of the order processing processes and the open-mindedness of the employees. Above all, I think it's great that we, the interns, are given responsible tasks and are thus fully integrated into the team.
Magdalena: The first few days were totally overwhelming. I was particularly impressed by the large campus and the automation and optimization of the processes. The working atmosphere is very positive and innovations are always driven forward. In addition, our team is very diverse as we work with people from all over the world.

There are many young talents on the market. Why should they apply to Roche?

Magdalena: Because Roche offers an incredible number of opportunities: Internships, training, dual studies, trainee and bachelor/master programmes. There is something for everyone and every area of interest. The size of the company gives you the opportunity to gain an insight into the various areas. In addition, young talents can prove their knowledge and skills. At Roche, young talents are not only challenged but also encouraged.
Rejna: I can confirm that. At Roche you can get an insight into every area of the value chain, whether in logistics, purchasing or production.

What would you give to your younger self, but also to a young professional?

Rejna: Be courageous and ask a lot of questions. You should seize the opportunities you get and test out different areas of responsibility. You can also gain valuable practical experience.
Magdalena: To my younger self I would recommend to be more courageous, because I always thought that the way to big companies is much more difficult. Fortunately, I was brave and applied - and it worked. I would advise a young professional to gain practical experience and network in order to get to know different people, take part in in-house events and network inside and outside the departments.
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