Roche Internship in Synthetic Molecules (RiSM)

The Roche Internship in Synthetic Molecules (RiSM) programme is designed to help natural science/life science, IT and engineering students become an integral part of the Drug Delivery & Preformulation Sciences group in our Research and Early Development (pRED) organization or in our Synthetic Molecule Technical Development units in Basel, Switzerland.

In Research and Early Development as well as in Synthetic Molecules Technical Development we form the bridge that links research and product development in Roche’s Pharmaceuticals Division with markets and patients all over the world.

As an intern on this demanding programme, you will make a major contribution towards ensuring that the outcomes of Roche’s research reach patients in the form of innovative medicines and cutting-edge technical solutions. Can you imagine a more worthwhile source of motivation?

Key facts:

  • Who: passionate & motivated enrolled students of chemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical technology, chemical process engineering, IT, data science/digital science and digital transformation (preferably with a Bachelor’s degree, 2nd state exam in pharmacy or equivalent certificate)
  • What: be part of the Drug Delivery & Preformulation Sciences group in our Research and Early Development organisation or in the Synthetic Molecule Technical Development units 
  • Duration: 6 up to 12 months
  • Location: pRED Drug Delivery & Preformulation Sciences or Synthetic Molecule Technical Development in Basel, Switzerland
  • Career benefits: gain hands-on experience in the development of chemically synthesised molecules and their dosage forms (Scientific positions) or support quality and GMP compliance topics (GMP/Quality positions); in many cases, the possibility of using this internship as credits for the practical part of a degree course (i.e. Master’s or Diploma thesis)
  • Financial support: monthly internship salary, travel expenses and reimbursed costs for Swiss work permit application

How to apply?

 Scientific as well as GMP/Quality related positions are normally posted in June/July for a starting date in the following year.

Roche from the perspective of an intern – an exciting and extraordinary time

The RiSM programme helps me to develop because of all the different, engaged colleagues I work with and meet at Roche. Besides improving my functional working skills, I can also benefit from their shared experience and knowledge to develop personally.

Learning new things in an unusual time

The RiSM Programme helped me to develop because it significantly improved my practical knowledge. Also, I had the great opportunity to learn to program in Python, which is a skill that I will use in the future and can benefit from.

One small step for Roche, one giant leap for me

“It was simply overwhelming to walk between these huge buildings, knowing that all these many people in them have a common goal and belong to one big community united by Roche.”

Meet Joël from the Roche Internship in Small Molecules (RiSM) programme

“Roche is a great place to be an intern as it offers many different projects to be involved in. The interns are given a great development opportunity and thus taken on board from the get-go.” Are you interested in Joël’s experience and want to know more about the Start Supply Chain Programme? Click here

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