Energy scouts - a worthwhile investment in the employees of tomorrow.

The goal of working in a sustainable and future-oriented manner is one of the main tasks at Roche. The key to success is to address this topic already during training or studies and to implement lasting basic ideas. 

In this context, the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce offers an additional training that pursues exactly these goals. After several joint information events on this training, it is clear that we want to follow this path.

For us as a company, this is reason enough to additionally offer the training to become an Chamber of Industry and Commerce Energy Scout Rhine-Neckar and to start the search for voluntary trainees and students who want to become part of this project. With Mona Fuchs, Nina Heidemann and Julian Eichendorff, trainees as chemical laboratory assistants, we immediately found interested people. They form our first energy scout group on the Roche Campus in Mannheim. 

With innovative and sustainable ideas, they pave the way for the future in our Roche company and additionally develop important soft skills such as independence, self-confidence and social competence. 

How does one become an Energy Scout?

The training to become an Energy Scout starts with a three-day virtual workshop. This covers topics such as energy consumption and carriers, energy import and export, and energy generation. This training concludes with an energy efficiency project that the trainees are allowed to choose themselves. 


"Through the workshops, we learned to identify the potential savings in our company and were thus motivated to improve them" 

explains Julian

What project did our energy scouts work on?Our three trainees turned their attention intensively to the topic of "raising awareness". They use measurements they have recorded and analyzed themselves to draw employees' attention to a more environmentally friendly use of resources. This project is supported by an energy traffic light. This draws the attention of the entire training team to ecological behavior and thus creates added value for the training and ultimately for the entire company. 

How successful was the project?
The energy efficiency project to "raise awareness" was awarded a prize as the best project in the Rhine-Neckar district. As a result, our trainees secured an invitation to the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) in Berlin. There, on July 1, 2021, the best energy scout projects from all over Germany were awarded prizes. Due to the current pandemic situation, the event took place in a successful, virtual setting.

Unfortunately, it was not enough for our energy scouts to win another prize. Nevertheless, we are proud of our three energy scouts with a certification and an acknowledgement. 

Because success cannot be measured only in certificates and awards: The project creates an excellent synergy with the Objectives and Key Results of the training department. Together, we are helping to encourage employees to think ecologically and sustainably. 


"With our project, it was important for us not only to identify and exchange energy guzzlers, but also to sensitize the other employees with regard to energy saving"

tells Nina

What comes after the end of the project?
But after the end of this project, it is not over yet, because the pilot project is very well received in the training at Roche. 

Accordingly, we will continue on the path with the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce and give our trainees and students the opportunity to be trained as energy scouts in the future. And our first three energy scouts look back on their successes with pride:


"Through the Energy Scouts training, we quickly noticed what a difference even small changes can make in terms of saving energy in a large company like Roche"

is Monas conlusion
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