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Are you about to finish your Bachelor or Master degree, planning a doctorate, or looking for a post-doc/fellowship position? At Roche we offer a variety of traineeships, rotational programmes, part-time jobs or direct-entry positions for graduates in different countries around the globe. You will gain insights into a global healthcare company where we can ensure a successful start of your career. Take a look at the various opportunities and read more in our generationext blog stories!
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Graduates’ programmes


Trainee/ Rotational Programme

Trainee programmes at Roche offer you the opportunity to gain practical work experience for two or three years after completing your bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree. We offer various opportunities that may include national or international rotations, rotation within several functional roles, or entry-level jobs. You’ll work on varied, challenging and innovative projects where you contribute your experience and take on responsibilities. In the process, you’ll benefit from the international exposure to senior leadership and the global network within the company. The programmes provide an extensive training and mentoring portfolio specifically tailored to your personal and professional development, so you'll be well prepared for your future in a multinational company like Roche.
⧫ BA, MA, PhD graduates
⧫ Programmes from 2-3 years
⧫ (International) rotations
⧫ Training & mentoring for personal and professional development

Doctoral Thesis

Have you finished college or university but find your scientific curiosity is still far from being satisfied? Your next goal: a doctoral degree! If you want to take your education to the next level, we offer doctoral candidates an open and team-oriented environment in which new ideas and unconventional solutions are warmly welcomed. Consistent fostering of new scientific talent is crucial to us. We support and demand a constant exchange of information to spur on our employees, our doctoral candidates and our company.
⧫ PhD students
⧫ Innovative projects in different work-areas
⧫ ​​​​​​​Access to Roche’s international network of experts

Part-time Job

Want to gain work-experience while doing your studies? Different sites at Roche offer part-time jobs for students in various work areas and workload agreements. You'll be working for innovative projects with different stakeholders and have access to Roche's international network.
⧫ For students enrolled in BA, MA or PhD
⧫ Different workload agreements possible
⧫ ​​​​​​​Various work-areas

MBA Internship

Are you looking for exposure to projects related to innovation in the (digital) healthcare space? We are providing opportunities to MBA students to gain exposure in various business fields and make a true impact during their time with us. You will be working on one of our key strategic initiatives, ranging from pricing models for digital solutions to building a launch plan for a new drug. During your internship, you will be coached and mentored by a dedicated manager and have exposure to senior leadership within the division you support. You will acquire knowledge on industry trends, grow your strategic agility skills, learn about internal processes and build a network within Roche on a global level.
⧫ MBA students
⧫ Summer project opportunities from 2-4 months
⧫ ​​​​​​​Access to Roche's international network

Postdoc/ Registrar Fellowship Programme

As a Postdoc or Junior Doctor you can pursue your passion for research with us every day!
Roche's Fellowship Programmes were established to build and maintain the Scientific Leadership of the future. The programmes provide leading internal scientists with the opportunity to collaborate with talented postdoctoral researchers, and leading academic research groups, from around the world. During the program you'll have access to immense resources, so you can try things out that are not possible at university. The equipment at Roche is of a very high standard and is constantly being updated. We are offering a unique opportunity to work in a positive, highly dynamic, multidisciplinary environment, where you can share your knowledge and expand your skills in one of the world's largest healthcare companies. You'll drive your own project forward in a targeted manner and whose direction you yourselve help to determine. Your research focuses for example on oncology, translational research, large molecule research or stem cell research.
⧫  Completed PhD or enrolled in specialist trainings (Registrars/ Junior Doctors)
⧫ ​​​​​​​ Programs from 6-36 month

Entry-level Position

Congratulations on your graduation! Now it’s time for you to take responsibility for your own further development. We help you design your personal and professional future right from the start. Roche stands for a performance culture where you have the freedom to try out new methods and contribute your individual talents and abilities. We value the effort you put in and offer you the chance to grow into increasingly more challenging roles.
⧫ For BA, MA, PhD graduates with above-average grades and some work experience
⧫ Permanent or temporary agreements
⧫ Different workload and flexible working agreements
⧫ A wide range of personal and professional development opportunities

"Start Supply Chain" Program

Together with our supply chain experts you want to make a big difference in the lives of millions of patients around the world?
Then Start Supply Chain is designed for you!
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"Start IT" Programme

Start IT is a programme for early-in-career talents that provides an entry gate into a company with global impact.
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"RPF" Programme

The Roche Postdoctoral Fellowship programme provides leading internal scientists with the opportunity to collaborate with talented postdoctoral researchers, and leading academic research groups, from around the world.
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"Operations Rotational Development" Program

The ORDP is a rotational programme to who have graduated within the last two years from university with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
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Regional Finance Development Program

The Regional Finance Development Program identifies top early-in-career talent and provides a unique career development opportunity in a two year rotational program. This is a program that delivers continuous growth through business assignments and training in various Finance departments to enhance both technical and leadership skills. Talents will be able to garner high exposure to upper management and build a broad network across the Roche organization.
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Strategy Portfolio Career Kickstart (SPOCK) Program

Are you ready to accelerate your leadership skills? Then our Start Portfolio Strategy Program (SPOCK) is the right program for you!
Join our two-year rotational program to advance early-stage high-potential leaders with solid strategic capabilities. With this program, you will not only be able to develop your project management and problem-solving skills but also shape your own path in the program with the opportunity of broad exposure and involvement across multiple functions which is transferable to other parts of the organization and beyond.
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Global Rotational Development Program (GRDP)

The Global Rotational Development Program at Roche Services & Solutions is an 18-24 month journey for ambitious graduates. Participants rotate through diverse projects and departments, building both technical and soft skills. Throughout the program, they connect with our expansive global network, driving innovation and fulfilling our shared purpose.
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