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Empowering Change in Healthcare Services - Meet Abdul

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Published: 2024.02.21.
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Abdul, I am a Patient Journey Partner (PJP) for Ophthalmology in Indonesia. I have been with Roche for two exciting years, preparing the launch of the Roche Ophthalmology portfolio in Indonesia. I am currently part of the Portfolio and Patient Value Strategy Chapter.

Why did you choose Roche, why have you chosen to stay with Roche, what do you most enjoy about working at Roche?
When I first learnt about my role from the hiring manager, it sparked numerous questions in my mind. The way of working Roche described was vastly different from my previous experiences. I couldn’t help but wonder ifsuch a way of working was even possible, and this greatly intrigued me because Roche’s approach aligned with my vision.

Upon joining Roche, I must say that I am happy to experience a working environment that truly reflects what was described to me at the interview stage. There is a strong emphasis on providing plenty of space for each team member to express ideas and contribute to our collective goals.

"The collaborative and innovative way of working allows me to make meaningful contributions to our shared goals and encourages me to think creatively and push beyond boundaries to enhance patient access."

Abdul Rohman Wahid
Patient Journey Partner, Indonesia
How does your role fit into the larger picture of Roche’s aspirations?
As a PJP, I am empowered to identify key barriers in the patient journey, gather insights from stakeholders and engage in discussions to define our objectives. From there, we develop initiatives that were once unimaginable to be initiated by a pharma organisation.

Empowerment and autonomy are important, as when there is a collective agreement between stakeholders, these initiatives will greatly improve patient access. We will work together with stakeholders to make this happen even if it does not directly impact Roche’s business.

Can you describe how Roche’s values align with yours and why it is a meaningful role for you?
The collaborative and innovative way of working sets Roche apart and has profoundly influenced my work. It allows me to make meaningful contributions to our shared goals and encourages me to think creatively and push beyond boundaries to enhance patient access while still staying aligned with my aspirations.

How has the Primary Point of Contact working model shaped your career growth within Roche?
With the transformation at Roche, I had the chance to explore new roles and responsibilities beyond my previous position. The transformation made our organisation leaner and more agile, changing the way we work. At first, I felt overwhelmed as I had to adapt to a new role and way of working. However, this experience has expanded my knowledge and revealed how Roche prioritises patients. With many opportunities to contribute to short-term projects involving many countries, I can interact with Roche associates from various countries and strengthen my career development.