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A journey of growth and development at Roche - Meet Eraa

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Published: 2023.02.13.
I am Eraa Khannapiraan. I joined Roche as a Senior Technology Analyst in the Global Analytics and Technology Center of Excellence (GATE) team about a year ago and got opportunities to work in various areas in the pharmaceuticals domain. 
Before joining Roche, I had decent exposure to various fields like banking and financial services, retail and healthcare. To explore the depth of a specific area, the pharmaceuticals domain was my choice to delve deeper, and for this to happen I chose to join GATE, which is part of Roche, a pioneering company in the pharmaceuticals industry with over 125 years of experience. GATE specialises in providing high-quality analytics-based solutions to persistent healthcare business issues.

I am evolving as a “go-to guy” to solve the major challenges faced by the healthcare business around my team. Being able to learn and work in multiple areas within a short period is a true gift, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so. This not only allows me to expand my knowledge and skills, but also gives me the freedom to tackle various tasks and get them done on time. “Think data and design your art” is my mission. I get many opportunities to work on different projects that align with my mission and GATE values, which include Achievement, Dedication, Motivation, Integrity, Teamwork and Quality. This helps me understand the vision of GATE, adapt myself flexibly and be in a good mindset of willingness to learn and grow along with the GATE vision and my mission.

One important factor you need in order to be your best and show your fullest potential in your organisation is motivation, which is found in abundance. Our team at GATE comprises talented individuals with a great attitude and a willingness to help. They are always approachable if any assistance or guidance is needed. GATE’s flexible working hours and hybrid workplace setup also increase the quality and productivity of my deliverables. The motive is to get the work done with great quality irrespective of place and time.

"Roche has a strong and value-driven environment, where employees are consistently rewarded for their hard work."

Eraa Khannapiraan
Senior Tech Analyst

​​​​​​​The GATE team has its own rewards and recognition committee in place to continuously encourage the efforts of the team members. One of the unique aspects of the team is that, unlike in many other organisations, team members can easily interact with the leadership team without any hesitation. I have met multiple times with the leadership team for various project discussions, which helped me gain useful input and take the projects in the right direction. My concerns got addressed promptly, which is a major reason for my successful tenure at GATE.

When I think about career progress, GATE is building the best platform to enhance one’s knowledge base with the GATE Academy. The team provides reimbursement for global certificates and encourages knowledge sharing across all projects, which really brings impact to my career journey to learn and know various projects, thought processes and methodologies. Upgradation of technologies or businesses by oneself is also highly appreciated in the GATE team.

Above all, executives play an important role in one’s career journey. We have wonderful executives who support us in various aspects and give me precise requirements with great clarity to work on. They not only keep the team motivated but also help us gain more knowledge about the business causes and identify multiple ways of solving problems. On completion of every project, the executives provide their valuable feedback, which helps motivate the team for future opportunities.

Working at Roche, I have been motivated by the company’s mission “Doing now what patients need next.” Through the GATE team, I have been able to utilise multiple techniques, strategies and the latest technologies in the market to support this mission. GATE’s automated framework streamlines my work and enables me to focus on new projects while also minimising the time needed for tasks. I have had complete freedom to work on different technologies and techniques in order to achieve results within a stipulated time frame without compromising on the quality of my deliverables.

To sum up, my experience at Roche's has been one of constant growth and development. I've learned a lot and been able to make an impact in the healthcare industry. If you are a solution-driven personality and have a passion to solve the world’s complex healthcare problems, then Roche is the right place to nurture yourself.
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