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A journey of career development - Meet Haleema

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Published: 2023.09.07
As a young girl from Pakistan, I embarked on a remarkable journey to pursue my master’s abroad, which eventually led me to London and unexpectedly to Roche. Breaking into the pharmaceutical industry was an unforeseen occurrence that surprised me the most. Along the way, I discovered a world where dreams are nurtured, diversity thrives, and every voice is valued.

Born, raised, and educated in Pakistan, I defied many odds with big dreams, prayers, boundless enthusiasm, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Determined to explore new horizons, I broke away from the clutches of patriarchy and embarked on a transformative journey to pursue my Master’s in Public Policy at UCL in London. During this phase of personal development, I stumbled upon an unexpected opportunity, Roche’s OUR Programme, while searching for summer internships. Despite the fact that my background in political science didn’t immediately align with the industry, I remained undeterred, driven by a resolute desire to challenge myself and expand my horizons. Little did I know that this would be a transformative experience that would shape my world for the better.

Roche Pharma Technical (PT), an organisation that values individuality and empowers its employees, welcomed me into their inclusive environment from the first week of my internship. The personalised onboarding, coupled with the support of my manager and colleagues, instilled in me the confidence to take on new challenges and contribute effectively. I discovered the power of visibility, as my thoughts and ideas were not only listened to but also acknowledged, fostering a sense of appreciation and recognition. The diverse and collaborative nature of the team opened my eyes to the possibilities that arise when different perspectives come together. 

Moreover, I am genuinely amazed by how this world works. It’s both fascinating and eye-opening to witness the challenges that shape individuals and the unique struggles they face. The OUR Programme at Roche, with its commitment to equity initiatives, highlights the imminent need for addressing disparities. It fills me with immense joy and hope for the future to be part of a company that actively challenges established structures and processes.


"A unique aspect of
Roche’s culture lies in its profound understanding of the significance of embracing
diverse interests and passions."

​​​​​​​Haleema Sarwar

OUR Summer Internship Program
My experience as a member of the AcademyX & Talent Management (ATM) Chapter within PTE has exemplified Roche’s unwavering commitment to continuous learning and the pivotal role it plays in helping employees to achieve personal and professional success. As a member of this chapter, I have witnessed first-hand the dedication and resources the organisation invests in equipping individuals with the skills and mindset needed for the digital future. The emphasis on ongoing development and growth has not only nurtured my own abilities but has also reinforced the belief that at Roche, learning is a lifelong journey that propels us towards greater achievements, ultimately embodying Roche’s mission of improving patient outcomes and advancing healthcare.

What initially began as a summer internship evolved into a year-long contract, showcasing the organisation’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering career growth. A unique aspect of Roche’s culture lies in its profound understanding of the significance of embracing diverse interests and passions. By providing opportunities for individuals to explore various work streams across organisations and departments, Roche ignites a sense of adventure and unlocks endless possibilities for exploration.

As I reflect on my journey and the transformative experiences I have had here, I strongly encourage all aspiring candidates to seize the extraordinary opportunities that await them. It’s a chance for unparalleled growth that you simply can’t afford to miss out on. We’re not just another company – we’re pioneers in the healthcare industry, driven by the desire to do now what patients need next. We prioritise customer-centricity and leverage digital advancements and data to push the boundaries of innovation. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and continuous learning. So, let your curiosity guide you, embrace an open-minded approach, and channel any uncertainties into productive energy. Together, we can make a tangible and positive impact on the world, contributing to a healthier and more inclusive future. Don’t hesitate – take that leap of faith, and apply today!
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