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Published: 2022.05.12.
Hi, my name is… 
Natasha and I am a Doctor of Pharmacy. I have been at Genentech/Roche for about 12 years. After graduating from the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, I did a postdoc fellowship in Roche’s Pharma Safety organisation. This enabled me to gain experience in industry while still having a mentor I could go to for advice. Over the last 12 years here, I have challenged myself by taking on more responsibility in safety, trying out a cross-functional leadership role as a global development lead for almost three years and doing a rotation in marketing. One thing I love about Genentech/Roche is that it allows me to continue to challenge myself while providing the support and guidance I need.  

My typical day at work…
Acting as safety strategy leader for a drug-device-surgery combination in the ocular field keeps me very busy! A typical day is mostly full of meetings where we work to align strategies for different products, trying to find time to think and one-on-one meetings with my coworkers. 

The location I am working at is…
I am based out of South San Francisco but am currently working remotely from the NJ/NY area. It has been great being back home on the East Coast, but it means always having my video camera on so I can feel more connected to the team!

My work helps Roche to…
Ensure we keep patients at the forefront of our work. At the end of the day, that is why we are all here, to help patients live a better life. I hope my work will benefit patients with ocular diseases while ensuring their safety. That is what keeps me motivated! 

Roche as an employer is…
Extremely supportive! The flexibility of working remotely allows me to be better at work. I have also been fortunate to have benefited from a lot of rotational opportunities, which have enabled me to broaden my horizons and contribute in a more cross-functional and strategic way. 

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