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Unlocking success in the ophthalmology market -
Meet Nuengruthai Suksodkiew

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Published: 2024.05.16.
Tell us about yourself
I am a mother to a baby girl. I graduated in pharmacy and have spent my entire professional career working in hospital pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry. My over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical firms began as a medical representative and progressed to roles as a product specialist and product manager. I have worked in various fields, including Ophthalmology, Oncology, Gastrointestinal (GI), Obstetrician-Gynaecologist (OB-GYN), and Pediatrics. Currently, I am a Patient Journey Partner (PJP) for Ophthalmology in Thailand, having joined Roche in January 2023. I have applied the strengths and core capabilities of an enterprise mindset and growth mindset to drive customer engagement and patient experience.

People perceive me to be incredibly responsible and focused. I enjoy spending quality time with people over coffee and participating in a variety of sports such as working out, badminton, and swimming. As a mother, I find joy in balancing my job and personal life to spend time with my family and baby girl.

Why did you choose Roche, and why have you chosen to stay with Roche? What do you enjoy most about working at Roche?
I chose to join Roche because of its leadership in personalised healthcare pharmaceuticals and its purpose of meeting patients' needs. This aligns with the core value of my work, which is providing value to patients, healthcare professionals, and the ecosystem.

At Roche, I am amazed by the agile way of working, which enables me to use my knowledge in communication, marketing, and commercial operations to benefit the ecosystem. In my PJP role, I could develop the patient accessibility program, initiate local scientific activities such as inter-hospital events and cross-country webinars, and customise communication. The Roche Ophthalmology Disease Area has a robust franchise that constantly researches and develops ophthalmology pipelines for retina patients worldwide. As a member of the Thailand Ophthalmology team, I appreciate the opportunity to convey ideas in an open and respectful setting that creates a safe area for challenging and discussing solutions. Furthermore, Roche Thailand has a terrific work environment and competent employees. 

"We cannot become who we need to be by remaining who we are. Open the door, and raise the bar!"

Nuengruthai Suksodkiew
Patient Journey Partner, Thailand
Have you ever faced challenges that required new ways of working, and how did you and your team’s adaptability contribute to a positive outcome?
As a PJP Ophtha team member in Thailand, I have encountered many challenges in the retina market, which has strong competition with huge dynamics and challenges, such as adopting new ways of working that are significantly different from other companies. The team is facing and learning how to drive fast patient accessibility in the reimbursement market since most competitors are reimbursed in the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS) and also how to steer patient affordability in the self-pay market.

However, these challenges have motivated me to focus on value creation, growth, and a digital mindset. Our team's adaptability has been crucial in achieving success in unlocking reimbursement in the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS), overcoming the absence of new biological guidelines, building advocacy among our Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and fearlessly competing. We have also implemented new initiatives and scientific activities to engage with the micro and macro ecosystem, in efforts that patients receive therapeutic and supportive care that can improve their vision outcomes. We have co-created partnership programs, including patient affordability and sustainability programs in top potential private hospitals. These initiatives, driven by the entire team, have significantly impacted and helped us achieve our goals.

How do you perceive Roche’s contribution to a positive work-life balance, and how has that affected your daily routine?
As a working mother, I realise the value of time management to spend meaningful time with my family while balancing professional duties. To ensure successful work while also maintaining good physical and mental health, I prioritise my daily routine. I exercise early in the morning and strategise later for planning. Throughout the day, I evaluate my weekly plan to prioritise chores and ensure that I can reach the desired outcomes. Additionally, I prioritise spending time with my family and working exercises at least 2-3 times per week.

How do you perceive the innovative role in shaping your career growth within Roche?
At Roche, I have numerous opportunities to shape my career growth and explore roles that interest me. I can gain experience and exposure by joining Global Internal Gigs (GIGs) which is a way for opportunity seekers to find temporary work based on skill and interest within the country or across borders. This innovative approach allows me to expand my existing skills and knowledge while contributing to Roche's goals. Regular check-ins and reviews assess employees’ progress and provide a safe space to offer constructive feedback and identify areas for improvement. This feedback loop is integral to my development and growth. Furthermore, the Roche People and Organization Growth platform provides resources for employee self-learning and development, allowing me to manage my career and grow my skills. I enjoy the EF Language Course and the coaching program, both of which are beneficial.