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From developer to project manager at Roche - Meet Vinod

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Published: 2024.03.26.
I have always had a passion for the software industry and have been working in it for the past 20 years. I started my career as a Mobile Application Developer and eventually moved on to the project and program management territory. I started as a consultant at Roche where I continued my career for four years and had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in the Medical and Healthcare field. And when I’m not working, you might see me riding a bicycle in the countryside. I love nature and spending time outdoors always refreshes me.

Eventually, I was offered a job at Roche as a Technical Lead Engineer by a Sub Chapter Lead. Roche, a healthcare, pharmaceutical, and patient-supporting software company that has just completed 125 years of industry experience. This is a remarkable achievement and it speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to providing quality services to its customers.

One of the things that set Roche apart is its focus on reducing stress, promoting well-being, and fostering a positive attitude in the workplace. The corporate culture here promotes collaboration and teamwork, encourages self-management, leadership, and creativity, and fosters a work environment that offers a lot of autonomy and flexibility. This makes for a great working environment where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and opinions and there is ample support for innovation and creativity.

Another aspect that I appreciate about Roche is the remote work possibility. The company understands the importance of work-life balance. It allows employees to negotiate a work from home agreement, which has been a lifesaver during the pandemic and life after it. 

"Finding purpose and fulfillment in the healthcare industry."

Vinod Varanakkode
Technical Lead Engineer
It is exciting to work for a company that also values diversity and promotes equality and equity in the workplace. The company has a clear vision and purpose, which is to provide patients with the best possible care and support, which we all take very seriously. I would especially like to recall the involvement and the encouragement from the SHE Team (Safety, Security, Health, and Environment) to the improvement of the physical and mental wellness of every employee!

At Roche, I find the core values of the organization to be truly inspiring. They believe in taking a personal interest in their employees and patients, carefully listening to their needs, always being truthful and transparent, empowering and trusting employees to make decisions, fostering growth and potential, striving for excellence and exceptional results, setting priorities, simplifying work and recognizing achievements.

Being a part of Roche, I have the opportunity to enjoy a range of competitive benefits within the industry. The company not only cares about our wellness but also encourages and supports employees to continue their education and professional development.
If you’re looking for a company that values its employees, promotes well-being and focuses strongly on helping patients, then this is the place for you. If you want to learn more about the company and its culture, please visit our website and read more stories from our employees.