My First Time with Mobile Working

Never tried mobile working before? We talked to Bektas Uenal from the production department at Roche in Mannheim about his first experience with mobile working.

Already 30 years in the company and 10 years in a management position: And now the first experience of working from home. What was it like?

Summarized in retrospect: Super! At first it was very unusual to put together the tasks on the days before with the knowledge that you wouldn't come to the office on that particular day. But in retrospect I am positively surprised and am already looking forward to my next day in the home office.

What did you particularly like or was the biggest difference to working in the office?

I was incredibly productive. When I work in the office, employees often come to me with a concern. At home I could work undisturbed for several hours at a time. I have completed tasks that I feel take three to four days to complete! That was very satisfying. In addition, the time saved on the way to and from work is a great advantage.

Was there also something that didn't work optimally?

Actually, it only speaks for how productive and concentrated I was, but I almost forgot to take a break! I was very surprised at how quickly the day passed. I should pay more attention to that. And although I could do so much, at the end of the day there were still tasks left. I was probably a bit euphoric and couldn't yet estimate exactly how much I could realistically do on such a day.
Apart from that, I sometimes had concerns that others might question whether I was really working. I caught myself sending emails at certain intervals - so to speak also signaling my availability (smiles). Although I can be reached by phone, e-mail or hangout at any time, you are not physically present.

How do you think these concerns can be eliminated in the future?

Time will bring that with it. After such a long time in the company one is used to control by presence. A new concept always raises questions first. Apart from that, no one actually questioned my work or gave me negative feedback, so my concerns were unfounded. Nor did I ever think about the productivity of my colleagues when they worked in their home office.
It is certainly also helpful that we made sure in advance that the workflow would run smoothly. We have divided the days on which mobile working is used among the colleagues so that there is always someone on site. Here, of course, we have taken account of the fact that everyone is always present at important appointments, such as the team meeting.

For the next time: What do you take with you from this first experience?

Quite clearly: Prioritize. I will compile my tasks as I did last time, but this time I will proceed in a more structured way so that I can do the most important things first and do not get under time pressure. If there is anything left at the end of the day, there is no pressure. And I will pay more attention to my breaks!