Recruiting great people

Our talent strategy is to pursue recruitment excellence by attracting the best highly skilled, motivated people for the job. We seek a continuous supply of internal and external diverse talent in science, medicine and business. We want employees who can help us innovate and deliver on our business objectives and leaders who lead people in ways that reflect our values and leadership commitments.

Internally, we work continuously to identify and develop our pipeline of employee candidates for top positions. In 2019, 80% of our key leadership positions were filled internally. Today 49.3% of our employees are women and worldwide, our employees represent more than 140 different nationalities, of which 90 are represented at our headquarters site in Basel.
We face stiff competition for top talent in science and medicine, especially in emerging markets, such as India and China, and developed markets, like the San Francisco Bay area in the US. We respond to this challenge with a global approach that includes in-house recruiting teams and talent scouts to search for potential candidates for key positions that cannot be filled internally.
We also expanded our use of social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, to generate interest in careers and working at Roche.

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