Our employee policy

Our Employment Policy is based on the Roche Corporate Principles and governs employment practices across the Group. It sets out our commitment to employees and our expectations of them. Roche offers challenging and rewarding employment opportunities. In return, we expect all our employees to contribute to the company's success.The policy outlines our objectives and practices on all aspects of people management, including finding and retaining talented people, fostering strong performance, training and development, and remuneration . It prohibits child labour and discrimination, and details our policies on workforce diversity, employees’ right to collective bargaining and healthcare and workplace safety.
Human rights
Learn more about Roche's holistic approach to Human Rights.
Our purpose
Who we are, what we do, and why we come to work each day.
An appropriate system of checks and controls has been set up to ensure the policy is implemented at all Roche sites. Human resources managers at each site are responsible for ensuring compliance.
Our guidelines on HIV/AIDS in the workplace are intended to prevent discrimination. They also set out our approach to the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS among our employees.