Welcome to our Students' Programmes

Are you about to finish your Bachelor or Master degree, planning a doctorate, or looking for a post-doc/fellowship position?
At Roche we offer a variety of traineeships, rotational programmes, part-time jobs or direct-entry positions for graduates in different countries around the globe.

You will gain insights into a global healthcare company where we can ensure a successful start of your career. Take a look at the various opportunities available!
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Students’ programmes



Are you interested in gaining professional experience and insights into a global healthcare company during your studies or gap year? This is possible within the framework of an internship lasting 3-15 months. Roche offers dedicated internship programmes and industrial placements in different work areas. As an intern you will assume responsibility for your own projects, learn to play a proactive role, get a first-hand insight into our activities and processes, and find out what it’s like to work with colleagues and many different stakeholders. You'll have access to Roche's international network and various options of workplace and off-the-job training for your personal and professional development.

⧫ For students enrolled in BA, MA, PhD or recently graduated
⧫ Programmes from 3-12 months
⧫ Workplace and off-the-job training
⧫ Summer-internships & project placements
⧫ Opportunity to write your thesis

Traineeship/ Rotational Programme

Trainee programmes at Roche offer you the opportunity to gain practical work experience for two or three years after completing your bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree. We offer various opportunities that may include national or international rotations, rotation within several functional roles, or entry-level jobs. You’ll work on varied, challenging and innovative projects where you contribute your experience and take on responsibilities. In the process, you’ll benefit from the international exposure to senior leadership and the global network within the company. The programmes provide an extensive training and mentoring portfolio specifically tailored to your personal and professional development, so you'll be well prepared for your future in a multinational company like Roche.
⧫ Graduates with bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees
⧫ Programmes from 2-3 years
⧫ (International) rotations
⧫ Training & mentoring for personal and professional development


Does a thesis without practical relevance sound boring to you? We can help! We give motivated students with ambitious targets the chance to combine their own ideas with current projects.
We offer you the chance to collaborate with our specialists and work on the innovative healthcare solutions of tomorrow in the form of a final paper.
We also offer doctoral candidates an open and team-oriented environment in which new ideas and unconventional solutions are warmly welcomed. Consistent fostering of new scientific talent is crucial to us. We support and demand a constant exchange of information to spur on our employees, our doctoral candidates and our company.

⧫ For students enrolled in BA, MA or PhD
⧫ Innovative projects in different work-areas
⧫ Access to Roche’s international network of experts

Part Time Job

Want to gain work-experience while pursuing your degree? Different sites at Roche offer part-time jobs with flexible workload agreements for students in various work areas. You'll be working on innovative projects with different stakeholders and have access to Roche's international network.

⧫ For students enrolled in BA, MA or PhD
⧫ Different workload agreements possible
⧫ ​​​​​​​Various work-areas

Internship programme:

Your timetable doesn’t allow for spontaneous applications, and your semester planning is completed early?
Our internship programmes are advertised all year round, and the start dates and length of the internships are aligned with the dates of the spring and fall semesters.
Discover the variety of our programmes!


The Roche Internship in Medicinal Chemistry (RiCH) Programme invites chemistry students who are in their penultimate or last year of study to become an integral part of one of our Medicinal Chemistry laboratories in Basel, Switzerland for one year.


The Roche Internship in Group Informatics (RiGI) Programme is designed for technology and Computer Science/IT students (Bachelor/Master/PhD) to become an integral part of our company’s central nervous system - Roche IT - in Basel/Kaiseraugst, Switzerland.


Das Roche Internship in Kaiseraugst Operations (RiKO) Programm gibt dir die Möglichkeit in den Bereichen Quality, Produktion, Pharma Technology, Prozessoptimierung, Mitarbeiter-Training, Data Management eigentverantworltich mitzuarbeiten.


The Roche Internships for Scientific Exchange (RiSE) Programme invites PhD and medical students to gain insight into drug discovery & development at one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


Roche Internship in Synthetic Molecules (RiSM) programme is designed to help natural/life science, IT/digital sciences and engineering students become an integral part of one of our Drug Delivery & Preformulation Sciences group in our Research and Early Development (pRED) organization or in our Synthetic Molecule Technical Development units in Basel, Switzerland.
Roche Advanced Analytics Internship Programme
It offers master students or PhDs a fast track to an exciting world of advanced analytics and machine learning within Roche.

Global Internship Programme in Innovation & Sustainability #IP2TIS

Are you looking for a challenging project over the summer break? Do you want to be part of an intern community who makes a difference to patients? Our three month “Global Internship Programme in Innovation & Sustainability #IP2TIS” internship programme offers you a unique opportunity to contribute to our purpose statement and Sustainable Development Goals.

"RiSE" Program

The Roche Internship for Scientific Exchange (RiSE) Programme gives you the opportunity to gain relevant industry experience during your PhD or medical studies.