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This page provides information on our structured Early in Career Programmes. Some programmes are global and some of them are location specific, please see programme details for more information in the drop-down section. However, we do hire Early in Career Talent all year round, please click here to view our current openings. 
Vocational Educational Training
We prioritize vocational education and training to empower our success. Choose from a range of apprenticeship programmes and dual study opportunities in various fields. Explore the possibilities in your country below!
Are you a talented university student who is interested in gaining professional experience and insights into a global healthcare company during your studies or gap year? Roche has an array of internship programmes and part-time or ad-hoc intern opportunities for students like you. Explore the possibilities at Roche today!
Recent Graduates
Are you a soon-to-be graduate looking for an exciting career in the healthcare industry? Roche has the perfect opportunities for you! With traineeships, rotational programmes, part-time roles, and direct-entry positions tailored for recent graduates, you can dive into the heart of a global healthcare company and set the stage for a promising future. Explore the diverse opportunities at Roche and launch your career with us today!
Experienced Graduates
Roche's transformative programmes for experienced graduates: International rotations, dynamic roles, and impactful projects. Connect with influential leaders, receive tailored training, and thrive in the multinational realm. Ignite your career with Roche today!
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Vocational Educational Training



Unleash your potential with Roche's Apprenticeship Program! Join a global biotech leader and make a difference in patients' lives. Gain valuable skills and pursue relevant qualifications while receiving salary. Whether you're a school leaver or postgraduate, our programme offers pathways to advance your education up to Master's Degree level. Explore diverse opportunities and shape the future of healthcare with Roche. Start your journey today!

Dual Studies

Would you like to learn more than just theory in your studies, but rather put what you have learned directly into practice? Then a dual study program is just the right thing for you. During your dual studies, you will alternate between theoretical phases in education and practical phases at Roche at regular intervals. You don't just want to learn gray theory in your studies, but to put what you have learned directly into practice? Then a dual study programme is just the right thing for you.



Internship Programmes

Ready to take your studies or gap year to the next level? Join Roche, a global healthcare company, for an internship experience like no other. Our dedicated internship programmes and industrial placements offer the opportunity to gain professional experience and insights across various work areas. Take charge of your own projects, play a proactive role, and get a firsthand look into our activities and processes. Work alongside colleagues and engage with stakeholders, all while accessing our international network. With access to workplace and off-the-job training, your personal and professional development will soar at Roche. Start your journey with us today!

Ad-hoc Internships and Part time Opportunities

Don't let your timetable hold you back! Our internship opportunities at Roche are available year-round, so you can apply whenever it suits you. We align the start dates and lengths of our internships with the university timelines, making it convenient for your academic schedule. Explore the exciting opportunities we have in store for you and discover the variety of our opportunities.

Recent graduates


Graduate Programmes

Level up your career with Roche's trainee programmes! Whether you have a bachelor's, master's, or PhD degree, we offer practical work experience for 2-3 years. Discover a world of opportunities with national and international rotations, functional role shifts, and entry-level positions. Dive into diverse, challenging, and innovative projects where you'll make an impact and take on responsibilities. Connect with senior leaders on a global scale and leverage our extensive company network. With tailored training and mentoring, you'll be set for success in a multinational company like Roche. Ready to level up? Join us today!

Doctoral Thesis / PHD

Fuel your scientific curiosity with Roche's prestigious PhD programme! Take your education to the next level and immerse yourself in an open and team-oriented environment that embraces new ideas and unconventional solutions. We're committed to fostering scientific talent, and as a PhD candidate at Roche, you'll have the opportunity to engage in innovative projects across various work areas. Access our international network of experts and be part of a vibrant community dedicated to pushing boundaries and driving breakthroughs. Elevate your research journey with Roche today!

Postdoc Fellowship

Ignite your research passion with Roche's prestigious Fellowship Programmes! Collaborate with top scientists and leading academic research groups worldwide. Access cutting-edge resources and equipment, driving innovative breakthroughs. Join a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment in one of the world's largest healthcare companies. Shape your own targeted research project and expand your skills. Open to PhD holders or those in specialist training. Programmes range from 6 to 36 months. Elevate your research journey with Roche today!

Entry-level positions

Congratulations, fresh graduate! It's time to shape your future and Roche is here to support you every step of the way. Our performance culture gives you the freedom to explore new approaches and showcase your individual talents. We value your hard work and provide opportunities for you to grow into increasingly challenging roles. As a BA, MA, or PhD graduate with above-average grades and some work experience, you can join us on a permanent or temporary basis. Enjoy flexible working arrangements and a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities. Take charge of your growth with Roche today!

Experienced Graduates


Perspectives Programmes

Roche’s Perspectives Programmes are a career accelerator and a springboard for talents with future-relevant skills to tackle the world’s most formidable healthcare challenges.

These programmes offer you unparalleled opportunities to gain diverse experiences, while simultaneously equipping you with the skills needed to flourish during the programme and beyond, as you continue your professional journey with Roche.

With international assignments across the globe, The Perspectives Programmes  will stretch you outside of your comfort zone, enabling you to become key contributors to our company's purpose and see the impact of our work on patients.  

With three focus areas, this programme will fast-track your growth by pushing you beyond your comfort zone. 

You have a Master’s degree and ideally a MBA and/or PhD, are passionate to impact the future of healthcare and bring three to five years of relevant work experience? Join a Perspectives Programme - your launchpad to initiate a career at Roche: 
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Roche during two years
  • Immerse yourself in four exciting assignments around the world
  • Collaborate with inspiring senior leaders throughout the organization
  • Intentionally craft your journey within the programme and beyond