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What career opportunities do I have after my studies? How does working in an international group look like? Insights into the exciting research and development or the business management view of the healthcare industry - these are just a few of our (work) areas where you can finally apply your theoretical knowledge and gain an insight into the practical side of things! From internships to dissertations - we offer students a wide range of opportunities. Read further to find out more!

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Your Internship at Roche Germany


Diverse internships

Your fresh ideas not only bring us forward, but especially you! In an internship you experience everyday working life, gain practical experience and can deepen interests within the subject. There is a wide variety of jobs at Roche, which is why committed and talented students from a wide range of disciplines are in demand:

  • Engineering
  • Natural Sciences
  • Economic Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Medicine
  • Humanities

Internship during the lecture-free period or as a practical semester? Everything is possible! The only prerequisite: You are already a student and are interested in at least two to six months of pure practice. 


Healthcare Xplorers

Academic minds for innovation wanted! Solving real business challenges around data, gaining insights into the world of Roche, realizing ideas together that improve patients' lives: this is Healthcare Xplorers, our new innovation platform for undergraduate and graduate students in bioinformatics, business mathematics, physics and engineering.
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For students of human medicine (in the 2nd section of medical training, after the Physikum) Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach offers a four-week internship rotation program: "Insights@Medical". During the four weeks, the interns get to know the units of all five teams of the Medical Affairs department and learn how they can make a career in industry as medical professionals. In addition, a project is worked on and presented at the end of the internship in the department. Free accommodation in our boardinghouse in Grenzach is provided. The internship will be remunerated.


As a pharmacist on an internship, a 6-month internship program for prospective pharmacists gives you the opportunity to gain an insight into the pharmaceutical industry. The prerequisite? You must have successfully completed your studies and the second state examination and the internship follows directly after your studies.



Bechelors/Masters Thesis

A thesis without practical relevance seems boring to you? We can help you there: We give motivated students with ambitious goals the opportunity to combine their own ideas with cutting-edge projects from the real world. We offer students the opportunity to work with our specialists on the innovative healthcare solutions of tomorrow in the form of a final thesis.



You have your university degree in your pocket - but your scientific curiosity is still far from satisfied? Your next goal: a doctorate! If you want to reach for the top, we offer you as a doctoral student an open and team-oriented environment in which novel ideas and unconventional solutions are very welcome. We attach great importance to the consistent promotion of young scientists. We encourage and demand a constant exchange of information in order to continuously advance our employees, our PhD students and our company.

Further offers

There are other great opportunities for career starters at Roche - find out more, take the chance and apply for a job with us!

Benefits for Students

There are many great benefits that students at Roche benefit from. Find out more!

Employee Recreational Clubs

Company sports groups

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Modern workplace design

Modern Workplace Design


Discounted meals in the company canteen

Attractive compensation

Attractive compensation