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Roche Diagnostics is committed to developing and providing innovative and cost-effective diagnostic systems and solutions for early detection, prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases so as to help healthcare professionals increase treatment outcome, improve people’s life and reduce medical costs.

Roche is the one of the global innovative leaders with combined strengths of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals under one roof. This unique combination enables Roche to leverage breakthrough knowledge to develop innovative products, detect and monitor diseases and guide the medical decisions.

In the future, Roche Diagnostics will also join hands with all parties to actively participate in the construction of medical innovation projects, with a view to bringing more cutting-edge in vitro diagnostic solutions to China for the benefit of Chinese patients and the development of China's medical industry.
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Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2000. With the growing business and company scale, Roche Diagnostics China has become one of the market leaders in vitro diagnostics in China.

In 2015, Roche Diagnostics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established, becoming the first production and R&D base of Roche Diagnostics global operation network in the Asia-Pacific region, which also marks the realization of the full-value industrial chain of Roche Diagnostics in China.
Customer Care
It is our mission to build the best service brand in the IVD industry through agile and efficient organizational operations and continuous innovative solutions.

Our brand commitment: Service is always there, care is always there
Nine service products: instrument installation, instrument maintenance, instrument repair, application support, customer visits, user training, hotline service, laboratory quality management support and e-Service
Sales & Marketing
Doing now what patients’ need next. Providing latest medical updates to Healthcare Professionals to ensure patient managements are optimized.
Work with Healthcare Professionals to ensure adoption of the latest medical device and diagnostic testing strategy.
Supporting Healthcare Professionals with the latest medical update on disease management.

Bridging communication between Lab Professionals and Clinicians on patients’ management.
We are at the forefront of innovation and are committed to medical informatization.

We use digital tools for disease analysis and clinical decision making to achieve truly personalized precision medicine.
Research & Development
R&D Suzhou is an organic part of the Suzhou manufacturing site and Roche China network. Roche China belongs to the four countries with a full value chain in both Roche diagnostic and pharma divisions (like Switzerland, Germany, and USA)
1:1 transfer of full manufacturing chain from Germany and US to deliver high global quality products with identical performance
Supply Chain
Representing the Global Supply Chain in Asia-Pacific and thereby optimizing customer service, product quality, and distribution cost for all Distribution and Logistics functions.
Enabling Function
Together with our clients, we continue to innovate to provide better services to our patients and help our business succeed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

What sustainability means to us is that positive contributions are made to global development by acting sustainably. RD China adheres to integrating sustainable development into enterprise operation and management and carrying out corporate social responsibility practices for common development of all parties.