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Meet Amruta - Marketing Strategy Lead at Roche

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Published: 2019.08.13.
Hi, my name is...
… Amruta. I’m an avid globetrotter at heart! Born and raised in India, I went to the United States for higher studies, and have been taking in the amazing international experiences since then! One of my dreams is to visit all the continents; our perspectives programme has helped me get close to realising it! The tremendous work opportunity that this programme represents and the international exposure it offers were key components that appealed to me.

Before joining Roche, I worked in the medical device industry and then in the private equity and operations consulting environment in the USA. While earning my degrees from Duke University and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business I became aware of the vast opportunities available in global settings and decided to venture out beyond my comfort zone.

In my free time I love to paint, sing, and of course travel. Exploring different parts of the world makes me feel refreshed. My parents are my pride and my family is my most precious possession.

My typical day at work is...
…not typical at all. Each day brings something completely different, so it really keeps you active and involved. In my first rotation, I led the new product sales strategy in Norway, working closely with our customers. In my second rotation, I led the market access initiative from our Rotkreuz headquarters in Switzerland, in close collaboration with NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and our affiliates. Now, on my third rotation, I am leading the inbound and outbound marketing strategies. I have gained valuable experience in each rotation and memories to cherish for a lifetime. The people I have worked with have been the most amazing part of each rotation.

The location I'm working at is...
… the Roche Diagnostics office in Metro Manila. The building that houses our office, One World Place, is located in Bonifacio Global City, the financial and lifestyle district of Metro Manila, which now features skyscrapers, beautifully developed gardens, avenues lined with lush green trees, and big shopping malls. It used to be part of the Philippine Army base and is still known locally as the “fort”. We have 85 employees in the organisation serving the entire nation of the Philippines. My colleagues are very kind, passionate about healthcare, and a very lively and spirited bunch of people.
My work helps Roche to...
…walk in the customer’s shoes and put them first. My work is focused on understanding the expectations of our customers (hospitals, laboratories) across the Philippines and finding the best ways we can support them in bringing high-quality healthcare to patients as efficiently as possible.
Roche as an employer is...
…strongly rooted in our culture. Roche is a close-knit community, and we take pride in our values and achievements. I have relocated three times in the past year and I have felt equally welcomed and part of the team at each new location. Roche believes in leadership at all levels. In my experience, this leadership means that colleagues are always willing to help, mentors are extremely willing to lead young talent, and sponsors will support your dreams and aspirations. In addition to benefiting from career and work-related guidance, I have been privileged to find mentors with whom I have discussed my philosophy of life and shared my triumphs and fears, and who have shared their own journeys with me. It is extremely empowering to have such genuine connections and you will find abundant opportunities like these at Roche!
What's the best advice you ever received in your career, and who did you get it from?
Raise your hand! It is very normal to become completely engrossed in our daily jobs and while it is important to do well every day, you should also work on challenging yourself continuously in order to stay agile. Taking the initiative and volunteering to participate in different initiatives that might resonate with you or be a good learning opportunity for you is a great way of keeping the fire alive. At Roche, the more you get involved, the more you are going to get back!
How would you describe working at Roche in three words?
Empowering. Inspiring. Fun.

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