Welcome to Roche Netherlands

Where we want to improve the lives of patients with difficult-to-treat conditions. Enable personalized care with patient-oriented treatments and diagnostic tools to enable earlier treatment. That is our mission, that is what we are going for.

Our colleagues have an incredibly important role to play in this. They do so with a lot of passion for people and healthcare. Together we want to help to make people better, to fight diseases. We have the drive to work together and look for innovative ways to improve care.

We like to share that passion with new colleagues. Does that appeal to you?
Roche Pharmaceuticals
Throughout our 125-year history, Roche has become one of the world’s largest biotech companies, and a global provider of innovative solutions for key disease areas. Our commitment to our people, partners, stakeholders and, most importantly, our patients, remains as strong as it was on the first day of our journey. In the Netherlands we are working to get our innovative medicines to patients faster than ever before. Therefore we transformed to working agile in multidisciplinary teams. In the Netherlands you will find Medical, Access, Patient Journey, Healthcare Systems, Clinical Studies, License to Operate, Legal & Compliance, Finance, Logistics & HR as our disciplines. Our Dutch Pharma Division is located in Woerden.
Roche Diagnostics 
Roche Diagnostics is the part of Roche that focuses on diagnostics and insights. Timely and accurate diagnostics and insight into your health is crucial to staying healthy, to prevent getting sick (more) and to find treatments. The foundation of Roche Diagnostics lies in in vitro diagnostics in the laboratory. Based on this expertise, today we are an organization that continuously develops new solutions that both healthcare professionals and patients benefit from. In the Netherlands you will find Healthcare Transformation, Engineering, Customer Care Solutions, Planning, Project Management, Customer Engagement, Workflow & IT, Consulting,  Diagnostic Solutions, Medical Value, Marketing, Access, Digital, Communications, HR & Finance as our disciplines. Our Dutch Diagnostics Division is located in Almere.
Roche Diabetes Care 
Doing now what patients need next. A pioneer in the development of blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery systems, Roche Diabetes Care (RDC) is committed to helping people with diabetes everywhere in the world think less about their daily diabetes routine, so they can get true relief, day and night. We offer a broad portfolio of solutions for both people with diabetes and their professionals - from blood glucose monitoring to information management to insulin delivery to continuous glucose monitoring. Our aim is to offer innovative products, services
and comprehensive solutions for convenient, efficient and effective diabetes management. In the Netherlands you will find Sales, Marketing, Finance & HR as our main disciplines. The Dutch Diabetes Care Division shares an office with the Diagnostics Division in Almere.
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Our way of working

Are you a self starter? That is a quality that suits Roche. We are in the middle of a world in which developments are taking place at a rapid pace. In which quick solutions are requested, but also many barriers can be overcome. Do you think that's a challenge? At Roche, we took up that challenge with new energy a few years ago. In order to be able to respond more quickly to the demand for solutions in healthcare, we have abandoned the traditional way of working.

For a number of years we have been working according to agile principles, in which transparency, feedback and continuous learning play a major role. If you start at Roche, we will take you into our agile way of working from day one. You work together with your colleagues in short cycles on solutions and ideas. We support you as much as possible to tackle tasks yourself, feel and take responsibility for yourself. We encourage you to create internal and external networks that help you move your work forward. We give you the opportunity to make contacts and to seek partnerships in order to make smart use of the knowledge we have in our networks.


Our employees are the key to our success. They perform well and we appreciate this by creating a motivating environment for them and offering them numerous benefits.
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Parking + Electric Charge Points
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Free Onsite Gym & Classes (UK Only)
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Free Onsite Gym & Classes (UK Only)
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We take a genuine interest in people and recognize a job well done. We aim to strike the right balance between a highly competitive base salary, performance-linked rewards, and the numerous benefits we offer our employees. We recognise different people have different needs, and we care for and support you in many ways. We encourage you to actively develop your career by taking advantage of a wide range of training, skill building and career opportunities throughout the world.

Rewards: we've got you covered
Your wellbeing matters

Career Steps

We have deliberately chosen a flat organization. The great thing about this is that you yourself get many opportunities to take initiative and that there are few barriers to working with all kinds of colleagues. That gives you the space for a broad personal development. A career path that allows you to step up in the hierarchy is not necessarily there.  At Roche we appreciate your expertise and value for the organization. In this you can grow enormously during your career at Roche. We understand it might be harder without a clear path. We give you every support to shape this together with you. 

If you work at Roche, you work at an ambitious company. We therefore think it is only logical that you too are full of ambition. That you want to continuously develop your skills. At Roche, you can do that. You also get a responsibility in it. Together with you, we would like to explore what you would like and what you need for your personal and professional development. In this we encourage you to think ambitious. We do not have fixed, standard training budgets; we want to challenge you to think ambitious and come up with ideas. And we like to invest in developing ideas that are good for you and for Roche.


Do you choose Roche because we are an international company, with perhaps international opportunities for you? Very clever! Worldwide, we are active in more than 100 countries, with more than 100,000 employees in all kinds of roles. We work closely with other countries to develop new care and treatment solutions. We learn from each other and help each other. You can also make a valuable contribution to this. Within Roche there are many possibilities to work internationally. Consider, for example, temporary assignments of half a year in other Roche countries. We applaud it if you help to work on our Roche mission ‘doing now what patients need next!’ anywhere in the world.

The employer Roche

We set the bar high. After all, we have an important task for our patients: their health and quality of life comes first. We can only successfully tackle this task if we also take care of our own health. To the health of our employees.


Are you still at the beginning of your career? Give yourself the chance, time and space to find out where your future lies. An internship at Roche gives you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a fascinating sector in a socially relevant context. Do you like this?