Transform healthcare in a career role
with Roche Pharma

At Roche, we strive towards our vision of providing more patient benefit at less cost to society. We know we can’t do this without making fundamental changes to how we work because so much is changing within the healthcare industry, with our customer engagements, and in our portfolio.  As a result, we decided the time had come to build on our learnings and scale the benefits we had witnessed. We transformed our customer engagement model into the Primary Point of Contact (PPoC) model,  offering both customers and patients a simplified and empowered way of working with us.

Some of the key roles within our evolved customer engagement model are:
  • Patient Journey Partners (PJPs) who work closely with patients and the stakeholders and organisations that directly impact the patient journey, enabling them to identify patient needs and ways that Roche can add value to improve patient outcomes.
  • Healthcare System Partners (HSPs)  who collaborate closely with the stakeholders and organisations that indirectly impact how patients access healthcare and deliver solutions that add value and improve health system outcomes.

Build a career that drives impact

Job Impact
Transforming the industry through an innovative model that improves lives.
Culture & Ways of Working
Empower make decisions that impact the lives of people.
Career Development
Build an interesting career portfolio across different geographical locations and areas of expertise.
What does it mean to be a Patient Journey Partner?
Patient Journey Partner Video
What does it mean to be a Healthcare System Partner?
  Healthcare System Partner Video  
Our new ways of working | Roche Taiwan
Our new ways of working in Roche Taiwan Video
The value of our new customer-facing role | Roche Taiwan
The value of our new customer-facing Video